We all love bubble wrap. That’s why whoever invented silent bubble wrap is a monster. My kids used to take turns seeing who got to pop the bubble wrap when it would come in. They love it so much that one year for Christmas I got them each a fifty foot roll of their own.It’s bubble wrap. We all love it. Well, Mikey is a toddler and his mom had no idea how much HE loved bubble wrap until she popped some in front of him. He reacted with the most infectious giggle you’ll ever hear! Take a look! Honestly, I just want to send this kid ALL the bubble wrap. He’s such a cutie! I don’t know how long his mom kept this up, but if it had been me, I probably would have sat there and popped all day if he wanted. My kids were older before I figured out how much they love the stuff, but now I kinda wish I could go back and try this with them!

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