At thirteen-months-old, Thorn can’t yet talk or go to the potty on his own, but by golly he cries if you try to take out the trash without him. Says his father Rich, “He loves taking it out, he cries if anyone else tries to take it out.” With binkie in mouth, the tiny tot expertly drags the bag outside, shuts the door behind him, navigates down the stairs, and makes it all the way to the bin beside the house. Most of us can’t even get our teenagers to clean their rooms and this baby is pulling a bag that’s bigger than his own body. Take a look! I honestly can’t stop smiling about this video. With his dad in the background encouraging him the entire way, Thorn works so hard to get the task done. This is a kid who is going to grow up with a fantastic work ethic and what a great daddy for helping him learn them!

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