When dads are left with babies things…happen. Sure, sure, sometimes there’s just boring baby/daddy time, you know: diapers, bottles, diapers, sleeping, but dads tend to run the show a little differently than moms. For instance, mom might swaddle the baby and rub baby’s forehead before saying ‘night, night’. Dads might wrap the baby up, pretending it’s a football, and pretend to punt it into the crib. Dads are just different. And that’s a good thing! For this baby, though, things get a bit…sinister…when mom is away. Take a look! Okay, so maybe this isn’t just a dad thing. Truth is, I used to do this with my nephew all the time when he was a baby. Only, instead of paper and tape I used eyeliner pencil. I mean, babies are basically potatoes who sometimes laugh. What else are you going to do with your time? Plus, from the sounds of that laugh, this baby definitely enjoyed time spent with daddy. Great memories, dad! Keep it up!

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