My husband snores. So. Loud. When we were dating he told me he snored, but I never believed it would be a problem. I was in love and he basically could have told me he had a plot to steal the moon and I’d have just said, “You have the prettiest eyes.” But he does. He snores SO LOUD. Right after we were married it still wasn’t a problem yet because I was so busy trying to be the perfect wife that I never slept much anyway. Now? After two kids and endless sleepless nights there are definitely times I want to smother him with his own pillow. Or frame him for plotting to steal the moon…just so I can get some rest. But this? This is amazing. And I’m going to try it. And I can’t WAIT to see if it works as well on my husband as it did on this dog. Take a look!

My favorite part is the look the dog gives him. I can’t stop laughing! Like, “What?” I doubt it stopped the snoring long-term, but who knows? Maybe this is what my husband has needed all along!

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