Maroon 5 Crashed Weddings To Give The Bride And Groom The Surprise Of Their Lives!

So a couple of years ago this video for Maroon 5’s song ‘Sugar’ came out and it had everyone talking. Possibly because Adam Levine is so danged sexy in a tux. Possibly because the song actually is really good. Possibly because during the video the band crashes a bunch of weddings and surprises everyone with a live performance. It’s been viewed almost two BILLION times on YouTube. So, here’s the thing though…I thought it was all a setup. Like, I thought it was just a cute video concept and that was that. Turns out, it actually happened! Take a look!

Over the course of a three-day-weekend, Maroon 5 made a ‘surprise’ appearance at multiple weddings to film this video! The only person who knew, in each case, was the groom. How cool is that? I’m not sure how they set it up or how they found the people to participate, but the brides didn’t know, the wedding guests didn’t know, just the grooms. Now, if that isn’t an amazingly loving gift to give to your bride on your wedding day, I just don’t know what is. Congratulations to all the couples in this video and huge props to Maroon 5 for pulling off such an epic love adventure!

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