Breakups are hard, but breakups involving kids are brutal. Adult feelings and hearts are already on the line and the idea of not getting to see your kids grow is something a lot of parents worry about. Worst still is the idea of someone else raising your kids. Someone YOU didn’t pick. It can be terrifying. I think that’s why there is so much animosity that goes into step parent relationships. It isn’t that we want to dislike this person, but we worry about what they’re going to bring into our child’s life. That’s why it’s so wonderful to see stories where the exes and the step parents not only get along, but are able to put the children first and truly give them childhood experiences they’ll remember. Take a look! This mom took things a step farther by going online to praise her ex-husband’s new girlfriend for the amount of love she brings into their daughter’s life. And that’s really what’s important, right? That the kids feel love? These parents get that, and this kiddo can only benefit from having so many people in her life who love her. What a great example of parenting done right!

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