Dad And Baby Do Michael Jackson Dance While Mom’s Away

Anytime my husband would stay home alone with the kids I always knew something was going to happen. They just had a penchant for creating mischief together. I think my favorite time was the time they decided to make dinner using whatever the kids wanted from the refrigerator. Turns out peanut butter and jelly in chili doesn’t taste as bad as you’d think. My favorite part is that he always makes sure to find something fun for just him and the kids. He doesn’t get to spend as much time alone with them as I do, and because of that I think he wants to make that time as memorable as possible. I’m not sure if that’s what the daddy in this video was doing, or if he was just bored, but I like to think he was making memories. Take a look!

No matter what inspired this adorable duet, I’m just glad it happened. It truly is just as cute as can be and I kind of hope there are more dance videos in the future! Maybe a baby Bohemian Rhapsody?

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