Dad Took Time Away From Cooking To Dance With His Daughter

As our kids get older and bigger they start to want to spend less and less time with us. Even at five and six my kids started to pull away. They were too old for hugs in front of certain friends or teachers. Way too big for squishy belly kisses. And if I Dared to try to pick them up in public (unless they’d fallen first), they reminded me they were Not babies and didn’t need to be picked up. They seemed to go through phases. Either they were ‘too old’ for mom, or wanted to be attached to me like there was a rubber band between us. That was always my favorite time. That’s what I love about this daddy and daughter dancing in the kitchen. She’s definitely a ‘big kid’ but seems to be in the phase where it’s still okay to be held. And I know from first hand experience we parents do everything we can to make that phase last. Take a look!

Pretty soon that tall girl is going to be too old, too big, too mature for daddy to hold her and dance in the kitchen. Pretty soon there will be boys and makeup and everything her dad does will embarrass her. But for that day, at least, they had that one last perfect kitchen dance together.

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