Elderly Man And Otter Become Unlikely (and adorable) Friends

Some things are just too cute for words. Scratch that, some friendships are too cute for words. Remember the koala and butterfly who were friends? Or what about the tiny dog whose best friend is a lion. And, of course, the little girl raising the duck as her own. So many cute friendships and every one of them brings a smile to my face. Now there are these two. I don’t know what language this man is speaking, but neither does the otter and they seem to get along just fine. This old man and otter are just adorable together and might actually be the cutest of all the unlikely friendships out there. Take a look!

Seriously, at the 0:53 mark when the otter stuck his little tongue out, I lost it. I don’t know if that was a brain freeze or just him being cute, but it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that these two obviously love each other very much and hopefully will get to hang out together for many years to come.

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