This Grandma Dancing To ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ In The Kitchen Is The BEST THING EVER!

Grandmas have no shame. At least, my grandma had no shame. She would do absolutely whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. That meant if we wanted chocolate cake for breakfast, she didn’t care who told her we couldn’t have it, we’d Have our chocolate cake for breakfast. There was a flipside to having a grandma who had no boundaries, though. It wasn’t always about chocolate cake for breakfast. Sometimes it was about her singing “Boogie Woogie” at the top of her lungs in the grocery store. And if she wanted to do something she knew would embarrass us? Tough noogies – she did whatever. These kids have the same kind of grandma. When the song “Ice Ice Baby” comes on in the kitchen, even though Grandma is cooking, she gets DOWN with the beat! Take a look!

Sure, the kids act embarrassed, but honestly? This is one of the coolest grannies ever. I’m not sure if she actually knows all the words to this song, but she certainly knows the beat. And whether it’s stirring a pot or doing the electric slide across the kitchen floor, she puts her ALL into it. I bet these kids get a LOT of chocolate cake for breakfast. I’m just guessing that’s how this granny rolls.

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