We never want our kids to get hurt, but sometimes in the process of growing, things happen. When they first start walking, they’re going to fall. When they run, they’ll fall even more. Climbing? Better get ready for some epic egg-sized welts on their heads. And definitely when they’re learning to ride a bike. Kids learning to ride a bike fall harder than almost any other time. It’s inevitable. And something we as adults have to prepare ourselves for. The dad in this video could never have prepared himself for his son falling off this bike, though. There are some things we just can’t even begin to imagine. Take a look! It’s okay, folks. I’m pretty sure he survived this fall. He’s crying, but I have a feeling he’s gonna be just fine. Also, I think he might have a future career in soccer. Or maybe stunt work. Who knows? Let’s just hope he finds the courage to get back on that bike and try again at some point after this terrifying experience.

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