Babies are cute. It doesn’t matter if they’re human, or dog, or bat, apparently, they are just cute. I don’t know if it’s those big eyes, or the sleepy look on their face when they’re going down, or what, they’re just cute! These baby bats were rescued when a fire destroyed their habitat and killed off their parents. They’re being hand reared before they’re sent back into the world. Thing is…I’ve never seen a baby bat swaddled before. Not in the wild, at least. It doesn’t get much cuter than this. Take a look!

Between the pacifiers, and the belly rubs, and the bottles, and the baby bat burritos, this is just sweetness overload. My daughter is in love with this video. She wanted to show it to all of her friends and now she wants a bat of her own. Which, of course, is not happening. But, I do hope this inspires her to have a life long love of wild animals and maybe someday her love will take her into veterinary sciences? All because of baby bat burritos. So cute.

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