We wait for our kids to say their first words, but once they come out…sometimes we’d do almost anything to put them back. That one word especially. No. It’s like the second they learn it, it’s the only word they want to use. And BOY HOWDY do they use it! Well, this little girl might say ‘no no’ a lot, but to her defense, her daddy definitely has it coming. Tegan is particular about her maracas. As in, they are HER maracas. And while some of us respect other people’s things when we see them laying around, her daddy can not keep his hands off her maracas. So what’s Tegan to do? Take a look! I love that it takes her so long to decide to take the toy with her. It’s like at first she knows he’s going to mess with them, but after a while she just doesn’t want to keep correcting him. Running back and forth like that is exhausting! Especially when you’re only two feet tall. Let’s hope daddy gets his own maracas so he’ll leave Tegan’s alone. No no, daddy. No no.

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