Dogs and their humans are inseparable. For the most part. Dogs, at least, would love nothing more than for their humans to just stay put, never move, in fact never even go to the bathroom, if they could help it. I have three dogs. They follow me around the house like three little shadows and are rewarded with constant belly scratches and head rubs and praises of, “You are the best dogs ever. You really are. No one else has better dogs than me.” And it’s true. But my dogs have never passed out from the joy of seeing me again, which kinda makes me wonder if Casey might ‘actually’ be the best dog ever. Take a look! Don’t worry, Casey is okay. The woman in the video is the daughter of the people who own Casey and was gone for two years. Apparently Casey missed her. A lot. The family was concerned by the passing out, took Casey to the vet, all is well, but let’s hope for Casey’s sake this woman sticks around for a bit. I’m not sure Casey can handle it if she goes away again.

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