We’ve all seen those commercials with the Sarah McLachlan songs. You know the ones. The dogs are sitting in tiny cages, their big eyes looking up at you like, “Why? Why did this happen to me?” And you have an instant gut punch that makes you want to change the channel. Not because you don’t love animals, but because you literally can not see them like that. Not even for a sixty second commercial. Well, this is not that kind of commercial. When Furkids Animal Shelter decided they were going to put out a commercial to advertise their cats, they too a decidedly…different…approach. Take a look! I love this! It makes me want to go down to Furkids immediately and find my own model of furry family friend. I love that they went a completely different direction with trying to get people to adopt animals and you know what? I think it works! I think their approach is hilarious, and cute and definitely something those Sarah McLachlan should consider for future commercials.

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