Cute Baby Eats Food Like A Ninja!

Babies are sneaky. And hilarious. When my son was little he used to try to hid the food he didn’t want to eat under other food. Only, he wasn’t very good at it. He’d hide what he didn’t want to eat under food he wanted to eat, and then the gig was up. Every single time. Eventually he stopped trying to hide his food and just pushed it around the plate until it made the tiniest piles he could make, but he kept trying no matter what. It was one of the most frustrating and hilarious things about dealing with my son when he was three and four years old. This kid, though. This one puts my son to shame. I don’t know if he actually doesn’t want to eat, or if he just thinks he’s playing with his mama, but he reaches for his food with stealth like skill and grabs it up ninja style. Take a look!

That’s what’s so cute, though. He isn’t actually picking up his food. It’s like he’s trying to show his mom he’s eating, while not eating. And it is hilarious! And clever! And then hilarious again.

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