Girl Tries Pop Rocks For The First Time, Is Convinced There Is A Bug In Her Hair!!

Kids experiencing things for the first time is always fun. Their reactions are always so unscripted and unique. Like when you give a baby a lemon for the first time. Yeah, you’ve seen tons of other babies try lemons, but that little pucker that your own kid does is just so perfect and absolutely different from every other lemon pucker out there. My daughter LOVED lemons. She tried it that first time and did the body shimmer and the pucker and the wanted more. Immediately wanted more. It. Was. Great. When this little girl is given Pop Rocks for the first time, at first it’s hard to tell if she’s noticing anything at all. But then they start popping and her reaction is priceless! Take a look!

I wish I could try Pop Rocks for the first time again just to try to figure out what it is she’s feeling! She’s convinced there are bugs in her hair, but she wants to have more all the same. It’s adorable! I think she realizes the Pop Rocks are what’s causing the sensation, but because it’s different from everything else she’s ever felt, she describes it in the only terms she can: bugs in her hair. Too cute!

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