We want our kids to be good people and we want them to appreciate the good people around them. That’s something every parent strives for. So we teach them manners, and how to be polite. We teach them please, and may I, and thank you. And we stand back and hope even a little of it stays with them. For ten-year-old Savannah Solis it definitely stuck. After being moved to tears over the report of two New York police officers who were murdered, Savannah decided she needed to make sure other officers knew how important they really were. She spent her Christmas break making thank you notes for officers in New York and Texas and then delivering them, along with a big ‘thank you’. Take a look! It takes one person to make a difference, and this little girl is making a huge difference and she may not even realize it. The look on the officers faces as she tells them what they mean to her is is incredible, and so grateful. This one little person truly has made a difference…and from the sounds of it, she has no plans to stop anytime soon.

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