Moms Ban Together To Replace Favorite Blanket For Two-Year-Old With Autism

My son loved his sippy cup more than life. More than anything in the world. It didn’t even matter if there was anything in it, he had to have his sippy cup at all times. I don’t know if it was the feel of it, or the color, the handle, the shape…I’m not sure what it was, but that sippy cup meant everything to him. When he got to be old enough that he didn’t need a sippy cup anymore, we started storing snacks in it. And then, one day, the sippy cup accidentally got left behind during a trip to the zoo. Calls to the zoo proved fruitless – the cup was gone. To this day my son still brings up his cup from time to time. This two-year-old is the same way with his blanket. Only, while my son was able to adjust to life without the cup, this child might have a much more difficult time if anything ever happened to his blanket. Take a look!

I love this because moms banded together to make sure this little guy didn’t suffer. I was very fortunate to not have this added worry with my own children, but it makes me all the more grateful knowing there is a huge community out there willing to help moms whose children need a little extra help.

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