Surveillance Camera Catches Boy In Overnight Shenanigans…

Kids love to press boundaries. If you tell your child no to something, there’s a good chance that little monster is going to figure out a way to do it when you aren’t looking. That’s exactly what happened with this little boy. When his family got a new couch, Dylan and his brothers were told ‘no jumping on the couch.’ Of course, once no one’s around to see all bets are off, right? Take a look!

It cracks me up that this isn’t the first time Dylan has done this. And boy is he just going all out, right? Flipping the lights on and off, jumping on the couches, rolling off them, even punching them. I don’t know if he’s a super good kid the rest of the time, but this little monkey is definitely naughty once the lights are off! What a funny video!

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