This 7-Year-Old Experiencing Her First Breakup Is All Of Us

I remember my first love: his name was Christopher Blahah and I chased him around the playground until he finally agreed to be my boyfriend and we held hands. I was right around the same age as this little girl. I remember loving him with all of my heart. He was the only person I loved outside of family and I wanted to be with him always. We were meant to be until we weren’t, and my heart broke in two. I’d never been to Christopher’s house, but just seeing him at school and not being able to be with him anymore was hard enough. Of course, I fell in love with Patrick McMillan just a few days later so I moved on, but I never forgot Christopher Blahah. And neither did my family. My entire family (to this day) remembers how deeply I felt about him and how hard it was going through that first heartbreak. This video made me so sad for this little girl, but also reminded me of exactly what that first love felt like. Take a look!

She’ll move on. She’ll have other loves and years from now she’ll think she acted silly over a boy, but I know how she feels. I felt it once, too. That first love is the hardest, no matter how old you are.

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