Little Boy Unexpectedly Catches Fish With Toy Rod

Sometimes life still gives us unexpected gifts. When my daughter was little we went to visit a friend’s farm, and she happened upon an unprotected nest full of duck eggs. No one expected anything to come of the eggs, especially since no mama duck was anywhere to be found, but my daughter crouched down to get a closer look, convinced they would hatch. We left her there to play lookout and lo and behold about a half hour later she came crashing through the door with an egg cupped in her hands. One of them had started to hatch! My friends quickly set up an incubation light and relocated the nest into their storage room. Two of the eggs hatched, and if my daughter hadn’t been there to stand watch, none of them would have survived. In this video, a family fishing trip takes an unexpected turn when this man’s son accidentally snags a real fish with his toy rod. Take a look!

The look on the little boy’s face is so much like the look on my daughter’s face as she guarded those eggs. Both children knew, without a doubt, that something magical was about to happen. This is a trip this family will never forget, and I’m guessing this little boy will be telling his ‘fish tale’ for years to come!

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