Girl Plays On Thin Ice, Falls Through, And Can’t Stop Laughing About It

There’s a thin line between winter and spring where the sun is shining, and warm, but there is still now and ice on the ground and cold, cold nights. It’s strange how one day something can be perfectly winter, and the next, it’s gone. This ice pond, for instance. This girl and her friends had been playing on it, but with warmer weather the ice thinned and suddenly something that was perfectly solid became perfectly unpredictable. Thankfully, the water wasn’t very deep when she fell through. Unfortunately, she can’t stop laughing long enough to pull herself up out of it. Take a look!

I remember falling into a snow bank when I was a kid. We lived in Illinois and the snow became compact after weeks of falling and freezing and falling and freezing. You could walk across the top and not sink in. Until I did. Poof. Up top one minute, staring through a giant wall of white the next. I don’t remember if I laughed as much as this girl, but probably.

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