Baby Can’t Stop Laughing At Jumping Dog

When we have a baby, we want to know our fur babies are going to to accept them and love them as much as we do. Especially because the idea of a child growing up with a dog is one of the happiest things a parent can imagine. A constant companion. Someone to talk to when that child can’t talk to anyone else. Fur to cry into on the bad days. Lots of time running and playing outside. A pet, for a child, can be the most magical and amazing thing they encounter. For this baby, the most magical thing about his pet so far is the fact that he jumps. A lot. And it’s hilarious…or at least the baby things so. Take a look!

I love this because not only is the baby laughing, but the two are building a bond that’s going to stick with them for life. This kid is going to love this dog and vice versa for a very long time to come. And who wouldn’t want that kind of companion for their child?

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