Planet Earth II is the best thing on the internet. No, really, it is. Earlier this year there was an awesome video of snakes chasing a baby lizard that was so heart-thumpingly-good that it by and far surpassed any of the recent action movies I’ve seen in YEARS. Recently they set up recorders in the woods to catch bears as they left hibernation. Each spring when they awaken, bears find trees to ‘scratch off’ the excess fur that built up while they were taking a long winter slumber. Sometimes they travel for MILES to get back to a favorite tree or favorite area of the woods. Well, when the Planet Earth II team saw these bears scratching on the trees, only one thought came to mind: These bears look like they’re pole dancing. Literally, they said it – not me. So what’s a nature show to do when they see bears pole dancing in the woods? Set it to music, of course! Take a look!

I tell ya, the video by itself would have been interesting, but the music brings it to a whole new level of awesome. I seriously love this so much and will reshare it every single time I see it come across my Facebook feed. It’s just that good.

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