A Little Boy Having A Bad Day Laid Down On The Floor, And Then This Officer Joined Him…

We’ve all had days so bad that we just wanted to flop onto the floor and give up for a little while. For this little boy, after a series of bad days, that’s exactly what he did. “This is how he’s been coping,” said his mom. I miss that. I honestly wish this could be me, still, sometimes. Just lie down and take a break from it all, even if just for a few moments. Well, when Sgt. Precious Cornner-Jones saw this little guy, she knew exactly what she needed to do. Take a look!

“I told him everything was going to be okay, and he smiled and got back up.” What a perfect response. Sometimes kids act up and we should ignore it, but sometimes they just need someone to get down on their level and tell them everything’s gonna be okay. What an incredibly kind woman to give that kind of gift to this little boy.

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