There are a lot of things that happen while you’re pregnant. A lot of strange things. Embarrassing things. And your private bits? Not private any longer. Women go to so many OBGYN appointments while they’re pregnant that at times it can feel like they’re on display for the world at all times. Still, we all know it’s worth it because at the end we get to walk out with that beautiful little baby. Well, this mama just experienced the worst visit of her life and she and her husband can’t stop laughing about it. During a routine check-up during her last month of pregnancy, Rachel McQueen and her husband Chris didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. But then things started to heat up…and Rachel had to kick her doctor out of the room. Take a look! After a few moments of discomfort the doctor, who delivered her other three children, returned to the room and everything was fine. There are plenty of times I’m grateful I wasn’t in someone else’s shoes, but this is probably the first time I was grateful not to be in her stirrups. What a hilarious story!!

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