When we add another baby to our family it changes everything. The old saying that every child is born into a different family is completely true, but the fact that families change forever with each new child is also very true. That new baby changes every little thing that the family experiences from that moment forward. And it is remarkable how that new sibling creates a whole new set of rules for the siblings that came before them…things that no one could have expected. The biggest, from pretty much the beginning, is how everyone’s sleep changes. Babies throw everyone’s sleep cycle into havoc and while parents have to wake up to take care of the new human, the siblings are not unaffected. Especially after baby gets old enough to actually reach them… Take a look! I laughed so hard watching this because my son used to wake my daughter up all the time. It was okay, though, because she was always so excited to see him. Their bond, almost from birth, is one of the most amazing things I have experienced as a parent. And watching her wake up with excitement to see him there is just icing on that proverbial new family cake.

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