This Compilation Of Dads Bonding With Their Babies Is Adorable!

That mother/baby bond starts almost from the moment of conception, yet for most dads the bonding doesn’t start until after the baby is born. Yes, they might think the belly moving is cool, and yeah, they can totally be excited, but without actually feeling that baby the way the mom does, it often takes laying eyes on them for the dads to fall head over heels. But when they do? Boy do they fall hard! And it’s adorable! Here’s a compilation video of a bunch of daddies bonding with a bunch of babies, and I swear each one is cuter than the previous. Take a look!

What I love is how dads bond differently than moms. Dads, it seems, want to play with the kiddo almost from day one. They want that smile. That laugh. That silliness. Yes, moms want that, too, but dads just seem to take things to a different level. And we love them for it! And the babies do, too!

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