Beautiful Photos Show Off Precious Infant Who Lived Only Eleven Days

William should never have been born. When his mother Lyndsay found out she was having twins, she and husband Matthew truly could not have been happier. After a long struggle to become pregnant, the couple eagerly awaited holding their children. Then, during an ultrasound, the family was told William would be stillborn. Severe abnormalities meant this family would be welcoming one child and saying goodbye to another all on the same day. But William was born. And for the eleven days he shared with his family, he brought joy and happiness parents who had already begun mourning his loss. From bright blue eyes, William took in the world around him and the parents and sister he’d soon leave behind. Thankfully, photographer Lindsey Brown was able to capture some truly breathtaking pictures of William and his sister Reagan for the family to cherish forever. Take a look…

What does one say to a family who has experienced such tremendous loss other than thank you for sharing your story and your precious children with the world. Thank you for letting us mourn with you. Thank you for letting us share in your families struggles and thank you for letting us be even a small part of William’s final days. Thank you.

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