A woman’s wedding is one of the biggest days of her life. Something many of us dream about from when we’re little girls and we receive that first Barbie, all the way until that big day. It’s so stressful and amazing and awful and wonderful during the actual event, that by the time it’s over many of us are happy to pack up the dress, decorations, and top of the cake and crash in our honeymoon suites. Others, though, want to revel in the excitement of the day for as long as possible. They listen to their wedding dance music, or upload videos to YouTube, or, in the case of this bride, break out their wedding dress again every year on their anniversary. Actually she may be the only person who does that. Take a look!

One of the lies many of us tell our bridesmaids is that they’ll be able to wear the gowns again after the wedding is over. Of course they can’t. But we tell them that. This bride? I’m guessing she expects hers to wear them every chance they get. And at least she lives by example, so who are they to argue?

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