Pug Picks A Fight With Police Dog, And Entire Swat Team

We’ve all had times where we wanted to stand up to someone bigger and badder than us. Most of the time we just think things and steam as we walk away. Like when someone steps in front of you in line, but they’re two times your size. Or when you know you’ve got the next number at the deli, but you’re skipped over. Those things steam you! But, most of us take a breath, move on, let it go (except at two in the morning, of course). Not this little dog. When the SWAT team invades his neighborhood, especially the SWAT dogs, this little pug lets them know they’re messing around on the wrong turf. Take a look!

What I love is that he actually gives them a run for their money. Like, they keep trying to catch him but he gets away. And gets away. And gets away again. He’s like, “Not today, man!” Cracks me up. What a funny little dog.

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