This Man Goes Sledding With His Cat, And The Cat LOVES IT!

Winter is my favorite time of year. Hot fires, hot cocoa, cold snow. I love everything about it and always have. As a little girl I grew up in Washington State and every year meant time to play in the snow. We’d bundle up, head outside, and spend hours sledding down hills and trudging back up again. Our noses and cheeks would turn cherry red, but we’d have the biggest smiles ever as we sipped hot cocoa and warmed up again. Our dogs always played with us, but our cats never came outside. Until I saw this video I never even considered that cats might like the snow. This cat, though? Seems to love it! Take a look!

Have you ever seen anything like that before? I mean that cat truly seems to be having a great time sledding with his owner. He’s not trying to get away, not trying to fight it. In fact, he seems to be loving every moment of it. Now I wonder if we should have maybe given our own cats a chance…

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