Mom Defends Letting Her Six-Year-Old Have Unicorn-Colored Hair

Our kids are unique. They are all very individual souls from the moment they are born, and no matter how much we try to fit them into boxes, they always find ways to wiggle free. My daughter is a wiggler. She’s stubborn, opinionated, bossy, and someday going to be an amazing leader. For now she’s mostly a pain in the patootie but someday… My son is the exact opposite. Quite, reserved, has his head on straight, and doesn’t mind letting other people take the lead. Very different souls. From the beginning I knew they’d be different from one another, but somehow they mesh perfectly. He’s the only one who can pull her down from the clouds without setting her off. And she’s the only one who can get him to act zany without being shy. A perfect pair. For this mom, her unique daughter was quiet on the outside, but inside bursting at the seams. After making sure it was okay with school, mom decided to let her daughter’s inside shine through…take a look!

With hair as fun as that, how could her daughter not be shiny and bright? I love that the school was okay with it and that her daughter’s already thinking about what hair adventure she wants next year. Definitely a unique kiddo!

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