We want to believe our children are good people. We want to feel as if they’re picking up on all the good we’re teaching them and that someday they’ll put good back into the world. Sometimes we see it in action. When our child says ‘thank you’, or when they do something nice for a sibling, or ofter to kiss a boo-boo. Still, it’s hard to tell if they’re truly picking up on all the little things we’re trying to instill in them. Sometimes, though, there is no doubt. Take for instance this little boy with his dog. When it seems the dog is in need of a nap, the little boy decides to sing him a lullaby to help him along the way. Take a look! Singing a lullaby to a dog might not seem like an act of kindness, but think about it: that little boy managed to learn a soothing song, use it appropriately, and in a comforting way to another being. It seems to me as if he’s definitely picking up all the right things from mom and dad. And the pup? What better teacher than someone who wants nothing more than to be by your side.

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