The Secret Tip for Flying With A Toddler

With spring break and summer approaching, airline tickets are reserved with thoughts of pleasant vacations dancing in our heads. And then the thought occurs… Crap! I am flying with a toddler. *insert ominous music here* Traveling with a toddler can be like buying a lottery ticket. Rolling the dice on toddler behavior can cause even the […]

Take a 5 Minute Vacation

Life gets a little crazy some times…ok, a lot of times! I know I feel it when all of a sudden I need a nap, or want to yell, or just feel overwhelmed by whatever nonsense is happening.  Even days that don’t appear stressful, can wear me out! The idea of a 5 minute vacation […]

{MiniTime} Your Family Vacation Make Easy

Next time when planning your family vacation, we have the perfect place for you! It isn’t a vacation location, it is MiniTime. Your Family Vacation MiniTime is a newly launched family vacation planning website.  It delivers recommendations written by parents whose kids are the same ages as yours. Once you set up a profile in […]

Naked Thoughts

Unless I’m in a medically induced coma, turning off my mind so I can relax is next to impossible. My mind is constantly on the go, the ultimate multi-tasker, running rampant as it hops from one thought to the next.   I’m envious of Hubby who seems to have no problem putting his mind to rest. […]

Vacation Brain

Ahhh…vacation!  The time to get away from it all. To refresh and re-energize.  Yep, I’m one of “those” people, the kind who believes in taking a true vacation to get away from everything for a week or so.  No checking email, no calling the office.  I tell the people I work with, “If the building […]

Vacation Savings with Kids

Vacations are a great for families to spend time together, bonding while they see a different area of the country, or even world.  But the price tag that comes with these vacations may not always be so “family friendly”.  It costs how much to take a family of 5 to Disney World? In order to […]


Ping! Buzz! Ding-Ding! My electronic devices are constantly talking to me.  Sort of like kids who are always peppering mom with a million demands – I need this! I’m hungry! When can we go out to play?  At least that’s how I imagine kids to be.  Kind of hard for me to be accurate here […]

Make a Memory Jar

I love taking pictures and writing the stories of everyday life. My three boys on the other hand are NOT thrilled to pose for pictures and have their hands into EVERYTHING. A few years ago, after I dropped the shells from a beach vacation into a Mason Jar and set it next to my scrapbooks, […]

Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

For many, Spring Break conjures up images of playing on the beach somewhere warm or freezing your nose off while skiing with the family all day long.  Well if you aren’t jetting off this School Break, I’m here to show you how to make it a fun & memorable one for the entire family! What […]

Uno, due, cha-cha-cha

“Uno, due, cha-cha-cha!” she shouted. “Sinistra! Destra! Cha-cha-cha!” Hubby and I struggled to keep up. We could hardly see the petite woman at the front of the crowd. Thank goodness she had a microphone. Too bad we don’t speak Italian. “Uno, due, girarsi!” I heard through the music. Luckily I saw her hand/arm motion, spinning […]


I recently wrote about how creative energy is such an important part of my life. Writing, photography, blogging, home decorating, and the occasional art project help decrease my stress level and build memories. Staying inspired enough to be creative is sometimes difficult. One of my favorite things inspirations is travel…even if it is just being […]

Off the Grid

I heart technology. Really, I do. I grew up with it. Dad was in electronics and we were always the first in the neighborhood to have the latest and greatest new gadget. I remember dad telling us, “This is not a toy”. I laugh at this now since many children’s’ toys are just that – […]

why i never travel out of the country

Today I went and had a passport picture taken.     Because the camera at our local post office has been out of order for years, we stopped by a nearby CVS drug store to complete the photo step of the passport renewal process.  It was then that I realized what a difference 13 years […]

Mama Called The Doctor, and The Doctor Said, No More Corn Kernels Stuck Inside Your Head!

Once upon a time, in the land of Vacation, was playing in the room while Mommy took a came into the bathroom & told Mommy “I put a popcorn in my ear!” “You did what? A what in your ear?” Mommy said. “A popcorn. Look!” And as digs his finger in his , Mommy yelled […]

fear of paradise

We are staying home for Christmas.  It is always that way since blog-Stedman doesn’t usually get the day off let alone the weekend. We make it work. We have been looking casually at places we could visit in the spring after the boys get out of school… Florida. Hawaii. Lake Tahoe. It has been a […]

Divine Connection: Unplugging

Sister, if life is ever going to present you with an opportunity to practice unplugging and recollecting yourself, a car trip with children is it! A visit to the in-laws you say? Going to visit your own family? You’ve got a family member who knows where all your buttons are? Heaven help us, we need a spiritual survival guide!

my butt is burning: the story

A few years ago in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary, I took blog-Stedman to Las Vegas. I made all the arrangements as a surprise. He really doesn’t like to travel and he hates surprises so I obviously wasn’t paying attention in our marriage at that point, but that is not this story. I had […]

Spice Up Staycation with Cheap, Creative Thrills

You aimed to rent a beach house the Big Island this summer for your family, but alas, the economy has downsized your plans to include only cold showers at home. That said, you and your kids can substitute a costly vacation with a smashing “staycation” here in Texas. All it takes is a little imagination […]

Skiing the scenic route

This was a monumental year on the ski slopes.  I am now the proud mother of three chairlift-riding skiers.  Rhett began skiing last year, but he just wasn’t ready to go up to the top of the mountain and we spent a lot of time on the bunny slope riding up the magic carpet and […]

Indoor Field Trip: Astronaut Training

Today was one of those days where the weather is grey and miserable and our runny noses have us staying home from our usual activities.  However, my kids aren’t about to let a little sniffle stop them from playing so, inspired by the topic of children’s show we saw this morning,  I set up an […]

Some things should just stay in Vegas

Blog-Stedman and I went to Las Vegas last week.  It was a planned trip that we agonized over for a few weeks to assure that we could afford to go.  It is no shock to those who know us that our approach to gambling is a bit different.  Blog-Stedman is a low risk taker and […]

Photos with 14 day delay

A few weeks ago we were in the Vail, CO area.  I love summers in Vail.  There is nothing that isn’t breathtakingly beautiful from every angle.  It is really fun to take pictures there because it is hard to get a bad shot. Covered Bridge. Crow’s Nest. Cargo Net. Ship’s View. Random acts of wildflowers. […]

Lost Pines Resort – Austin area

This summer many Texans are looking into vacations that are closer to home.  Burb Mom loves this idea because there are so many amazing adventures in Texas. This family vacation idea is from Macey Hart.  Her family traveled down to the Austin area to the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa. They had a […]

Let’s go on a road trip

Today we are taking a trip. Not just any trip. A road trip. Not just any road trip, but the obligatory road trip of my childhood. My family was obsessed with the road trip. It was a well-oiled machine of efficiency. There were basic rules to the family road trip. These rules are set in […]

Blog Vacation 2009

I am in charge around here and I am taking the week off. I have been so busy with life and blogging that I haven’t been able to do one of my favorite things as much as I would like… Visit. Visit. Visit. I am devoting this week to visiting other blogs, commenting, twittering and […]

Heart attack induced by laughter

We flew home last weekend. We had to check out of our condo at noon and had a few hours to kill before the plane ride home. We spent some time in the condo area and then went across to the ski lounge where we knew we could find some snacks before we left for […]

First came pride, and then…

I ski pretty well for a girl. I have gotten to the point that I know I can make it to the bottom of any hill. It just might not be pretty. We started skiing regularly enough about 4 years ago that I bought my own skis. off the internet. on a discount. I love […]

There is no stopping him

My goal this year was to get all three boys on skis. The older boys have skied a week or two each of the last two years. Ryan(7) is now going down green and green/blue slopes carefully. Reid(5) is a green slope skier with supervision and a little direction. Rhett(3) has never been on skis, […]

Plane old potluck

It is Monday. Again. It seems to happen frequently. Yeah? It is Potluck. Oh, ya. Yeah! From now on I think Rachel should cater the potluck. She runs Mouthwatering Mondays over at her place and there is no reason why we should be sitting over here at the Nirvana starving… Also, if you haven’t seen […]