Time Saving Kitchen Tips

20 Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen - Kids Activities Blog

Making dinner for a family can be a challenge even on the best of days, but throw in a little “life” and some days it may feel impossible.  We thought it would be fun to collect a few time saving tips for the kitchen. We have been having some fun organizing the house, organizing the […]

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Create Your Own Summer Day Camp

Create Your Own Summer Day Camp From Kids Activities Blog

“MOM! What can I do??  I’m so bored!!!!!!” hits about midsummer around here.  Despite the numerous water parks, movies and excursions about 6 weeks into summer, the kids want to shake it up a bit. This year, a few moms and I planned ahead to trump this “bored” state of being by creating our own neighborhood Summer […]

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Using a Binder to Organize your Home

use binders to organize your home

I am a lover of paper. I love three ring binders filled with paper that I have printed out, and I love using a binder to organize your home. I am an avid user of binders. And I am not sure I will ever change… I honestly prefer paper to screen. This post contains affiliate […]

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Car Organization Ideas – Just in Time for Summer!

ideas to organize a family car

Organizing the home is a challenge.  Organizing toys is a challenge…combining both in a small transportable space ups the ante for car organization! Does your family *live* in the car during the warm months?  It seems like summer is filled with places to go and things to do.  Our car needs to keep up. “Give everything […]

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Organizing Kids Treasures

tool chests on shelves

One of the areas that was OUT OF CONTROL at my house was that the boys had “priceless” treasures throughout the house. If you have kids, you probably have them too: the rock picked up at a park 3 months ago a leaf from the front yard a crystal bought on vacation the action figure […]

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Granola Bar Recipe: {Yummy} Breakfast Recipes

Granola Bar Recipe: {Yummy} Breakfast Recipes

We have a delightful granola bar recipe to share with you today.  It is just one of the many great breakfast recipes we have collected. Kids Activities Blog loves food but especially fun and yummy food like this that kids will actually eat! Granola Bar Recipe We are an anti-cereal family.  We’ve got a lot […]

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Drawing Game: Simple Drawing Prompts {Family Games}

Fun family drawing game with simple drawing prompts

Kids love a good drawing game and it also helps to develop their hand muscles which helps as they are learning to write.  This creative game uses simple drawing prompts to spark imaginations.  Kids Activities Blog loves family games and this is one of our favorites. Drawing Game We love to play this fun and […]

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Dinner Games at the Table {Family Games}

Fun dinner games for the family

Does your family play dinner games at meal time?  Here is a great idea for fun family games that can liven up meal time in your home.  Kids Activities Blog knows you’ll appreciate that these games can also encourage vegetables to disappear.  Yes, that’s right.  Read on! Dinner Games Dinner time is such an important time […]

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Hairstyles for Girls

ideas of hairstyles for girls

When I was in Ethiopia, last year adopting our boys, I got my hair braided and boy. oh. boy! Did my gals every think I was “spify!” They loved the new hairstyle that I came home with and ever since then we have tried a variety of “new” hair dos.  Here are just a few […]

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Teaching Kids Life Skills: What is Kindness?

What is Kindness? Parenting advice for teaching our kids

What is Kindness?  The job of raising and teaching kids includes more than just how to dress oneself and do well in school.  A parent needs to also help their children learn important life skills such as kindness to others.  Check back with us at Kids Activities Blog over the next couple of weeks as […]

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50 Moms Guide: 50 Parenting Tips

50 tips

Recently we asked the Kids Activities Blog Facebook page what advice they would give to a new mom.  We’ve recently featured a bunch of practical tips for parents, and here are an additional 50 tips that were shared and compiled into this Moms Guide. . . Parents Guide Don’t sweat the small stuff like laundry […]

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A Parent’s Guide: Lots of Kid Tips

20 Kid Tips to help make life easier - some of these are genius!

Tips for families:  As a mom of 6 kids, I both *NEED* a parenting guide full of practical ideas and have accumulated a nice little stash of random tidbits that have helped us keep our sanity.  Please share any practical tips that have made your homes run more smoothly in the comments! . Practical Tips: […]

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Who Are My Neighbors {How To Make Friends}

who are my neighbors

One of the best parts of living in our neighborhood is fostering relationships with our neighbors.  I always dreamed of having neighbors that I could borrow a cup of sugar from on a whim or stop by for a cup of coffee.  But what I have found is that is not so common-place in today’s […]

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Nightmares and Bad Dreams? Make a Dream Catcher

dream catcher

I remember my daughter’s very first nightmare. She dreamt a wolf was sitting on top of her on her bed, licking her face.  Such a scary dream to have, especially when you’re just three, with no understanding of what a dream really is.   It’s very common for children  to begin having nightmares around the […]

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Pediatric Surgery {Preparing Your Child}

pediatric surgery

As we are getting ready Rory’s first pediatric surgery we are trying to prepare her as much as possible.  I know there isn’t a good way to prepare a two year old, she isn’t going to know what is going on.  She is going to go on an airplane, go to a hospital, get poked […]

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Back to School Activities

back to school activities

It is hard to believe that we are talking about Back to School already!  The summer always seems to fly by, filled with fun activities, play dates, and staying up late. So to commemorate one last week of summer fun, we try to make the most of it with a “Back to School Week of […]

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Traveling with Children

traveling with children feature

I recent flew cross country with my 1.5 and 3 year old. Here is what we carried with us to get us through the adventure of traveling with children: Early Literacy Imagine Cards – These cards are for your children to create stories. They are easy to carry and carry a big punch. Mini Board […]

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Limb Deformity: Visual Cues

limb deformity visual cues

The other day, I met another woman who stopped me in the store and inquired about Rory’s shoe.  Many of you know my feelings about people asking questions about Rory’s condition: I WELCOME them!  I would much rather have someone ask me about it than just stare at her (which is normally what happens). I […]

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Trash to Treasure: Make It New with Stickers

trash to treasure make it new with stickers

Trash to Treasure I love to browse garage sales for objects that I can turn from trash to treasure.  It’s a fun way to recycle items and put them to good use again. My most recent find was for my little girl and she helped to personalize it and make it like new with stickers. […]

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Vacation Savings with Kids

familiy vacation

Vacations are a great for families to spend time together, bonding while they see a different area of the country, or even world.  But the price tag that comes with these vacations may not always be so “family friendly”.  It costs how much to take a family of 5 to Disney World? In order to […]

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip – Made with beans!

cookie dough dip

. I love making things that the kids absolutely LOVE and that are good for them!  I discovered the recipe for chick pea cookie dough dip from Chocolate Covered Katie.  The recipe is super simple (go to her site for quantities if you are an exact person, or if you are like me and “wing […]

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Help For Moms of a Special Needs Child

cute girl swinging

Many of you know about my daughter Rory and her Congenital Femoral Deficiency.  She currently wears a 6 centimeter shoe lift on her right shoe.  Her physical therapist makes sure she is doing well with it, because she tends to roll her ankle due to the hight of the shoes.  She has her first surgery […]

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Choosing a Healthy Plate: A Nutrition Activity for Preschoolers


Do you have any picky eaters at your house? Do you have kids who would rather eat fruit snacks than any fruit or vegetable you give them? My kids are complete opposites with regards to food. My 18 month old daughter will eat basically anything and my 4 yr old son is very selective with […]

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Kids Art: How to Store It All


Being a mom and an artist, I was so excited when my first son started preschool and began bringing home art projects. I had the grand idea that I would be able to save all of these projects in a portfolio for each of my children. When school began, the art projects began rolling in […]

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Mom Business Cards

little girl special shoe

Many of you may have noticed my love for crafts involving Rory’s hands and feet.  Rory is my first and currently only child, so I naturally love documenting her growth in any way I can.  My love for those little feet and creating crafts using her feet comes with a different reason. Rory was born […]

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Clutter Busters for Kids


Do you find yourself constantly “tidying –up”?  Do you feel like all your hard work cleaning is undone as soon as the kids walk in the door?  Do you ever ask yourself if you live with a bunch of ‘whirl-winds’? As a mom of 3 busy kids, I felt like I was constantly picking stuff […]

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Faces and Emotion: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

faces and emotion

Once you become an adult, so many things in life become automatic.  We eat, we bathe, we get dressed, and we rarely take the time to examine how we do those things.  For our little ones, some of these tasks are still relatively new and can also be challenging.  We used a mirror to “follow” […]

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Organizing Life… for School

Organization tips for back to school

We are beginning kindergarten with two of my kiddos and I’d love to tell you I have our learning routine or system together… but I don’t! This past week, I scoured the internet in search of tips to help us as we adapt to a life of learning with kiddos in preschool and kindergarten. Here […]

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DIY fabric wall letters… & a Giveaway of Elmers Craft Supplies

Elmers Gift

I have been drooling over the anthropologie-style wall letters (like these at Tip Junkie) and Elmers & Xacto gave me the perfect opportunity to make my own set with an Elmer’s Summer Craft Party!  They sent me a big box of goodies including foam boards, glue sticks, glue dots, markers and more!  They also sent […]

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Kale and Berry Smoothie: Genius Way to Get your Kids to Eat Veggies

playing with veggies

With three preschooler, an infant and a hubby who thinks “green” has a flavor, I have had to resort to a few tricks to make sure my kids are getting enough green leafy vegetables. My Genius Tip, for the Kenmore Challenge, is to get picky kids to eat veggies.  Guys, they beg for these!  We […]

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