When Bears Fly: A Lunch, A Snack & A Craft

Bear flying through space - Kids Activities Blog

Once upon a time there was a bear. He was just a bear, but had big plans to someday travel.  Not travel the world, but travel to outer space. Our story today is inspired and sponsored by Fruit Shoot.  Fruit Shoot is a new fruit drink with no added sugar that is perfectly lunchbox-ready!  It […]

10 Reasons to Build Forts

reasons to build a fort

Forts.  There is something about childhood and forts.  We got a Fort Magic Kit {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} a month ago – it is LOVED – and daily the kids have been building and creating with it!  If you would like to purchase a kit of your own, you may visit the Fort Magic Shop page. Pssst…at the […]

Craft Stick Flip Flops in Honor of Dollar Tree Flip Flop Frenzy!

Craft Stick Flip Flops Feature - Kids Activities Blog

One of the signs of summer is the return of the flip-flop! Yay!  I am a huge flip flop fan which is why when Dollar Tree asked Kids Activities Blog to help spread the news about their April 21 Flip Flop-Frenzy event {both in stores and online}, it was an easy…YES! Flip Flop Frenzy At […]

50+ Summer Camp-Inspired Activities for Kids

50 Camp-inspired Activities on Kids Activities Blog

I am a summer camp fanatic.  I love summer camp! As a child, I went to camp every summer after age 6.  As soon as I was old enough, I worked as a counselor and taught waterskiing, sailing and whatever would keep me on the waterfront. That is one of the reasons why Kids Activities […]

Crispy Rice Easter Egg Treats

Crispy Rice Easter Treats

Last week we made edible play dough out of a favorite Easter candy which got me to thinking that they could be a fun substitution for crispy rice treats! One of our very favorite sponsors is back with us today with the basic recipe I am adapting.  It is Imperial Sugar…yum!  You can find all […]

8 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Kid Snack Ideas - Kids Activities Blog

I always feel better when I eat healthy.  One of the ways I have easily added healthy food to my kids’ diets is through snacks. At snack time, they always seem receptive to things they might not accept on their dinner plate…not sure about the psychology of that one! Kids Activities Blog is excited to […]

Free Comic Books – Using Comics and Costumes to Encourage Literacy

comic book writing activity

Super Heroes – the comic book figures who are off to rescue the world – enthrall my kids.  My boys love stories where there is a chase, some danger, a fight and good prevails. Thanks to Big G Cereal Heroes {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} for coming to our rescue and inspiring my kids to imagine, create […]

50+ Fun Kids Picnic Ideas

picnic ideas for kids - Skip Hop - Kids Activities Blog

Throughout the spring and summer seasons, we eat at least one meal a day outside…sometimes all three! While daydreaming of warmer days, with the help of Skip Hop (Kids Activities Blog sponsor), I am planning and scheming for our next picnic. We are going to have the best picnic season this year! Kids Picnic Ideas The […]

Make Pink Pancakes in Honor of Barbie’s Birthday!

Pink Pancakes - Birthday Breakfast for Barbie - Kids Activities Blog

March 9 is Barbie’s birthday!  Barbie is an icon of childhood play. As a girl, I remember the world we created around our Barbie dolls.  Today is no different.  Girls around the world dream through play with Barbie. Did you know that one Barbie doll is sold every 3 seconds somewhere in the world? Kids […]

Totally Awesome Fort Magic Kit for Kids {w/ GIVEAWAY!}

fort magic kit for kids

Forts are magical to build, and explore! Forts that you can change and adapt at a whim are even better! The kids don’t know how we survived a rainy weekend before we received our Fort Magic Kit {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} in the mail.  If you would like to purchase a kit of your own, you […]

Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix Inspired Cup Crafts for Kids

Cup Crafts Sponsored by Hormel Rev Meat Snack Mix

There is a new snack in town…literally. Hormel® REV® Meat Snack Mix has rolled out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a limited time in nearly 20 Kroger locations.  We were excited to be in the chosen location so that we could work with Hormel on spreading the word and celebrating National Snack Foods Month […]

How to Make a Mix-and-Match Headband

DIY Headband Tutorial for kids

Our kids have LOTS of flowers for their hair, thanks to a shipment from Kids Activities Blog sponsor, Hairbow Supplies Etc. They want to wear them in their hair pinned in their bangs, on top of headbands, as accessories on their purse straps, etc. One flower can not be in three places! Unless…we create a mix-and-match […]

Win an iPad Mini at #Thrively Twitter Party

win ipad mini summer camp chat with thrively

We are super excited to be part of a fun event that will be happening on Twitter next Wednesday, February 19 at 8:30 pm under the #Thrively hashtag! We have been working with Thrively – a new site that assesses and suggests local activities for kids.  It is part of the celebration of their expansion […]

What Activities are a Good Fit for Your Kid?

choosing a sport or activity that your child will love - sponsored by Thrively

One of the things that has surprised me most about motherhood, is that despite all my children coming from exactly the same gene pool, they are so different! They all share a love for LEGO bricks, Minecraft, going to a Rangers baseball game, and snow skiing.  If you dig for the next favorite things to […]

75 Family Breakfast Ideas to Start a Special Day

Breakfast Ideas Feature - Kids Activities Blog

It occurred to me the other day that my family naturally spends time together each morning over breakfast.  Dinner together has always been a challenge because I don’t plan well, don’t cook well, sports is during that time, and work schedules often interrupt a traditional sit down affair. But breakfast is there each morning as […]

{Yummy} Very Good Chance of Meatballs Sandwich Recipe

chance of meatballs close up - Kids Activities Blog

In celebration of the video release of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital, Kids Activities Blog is thrilled to be working to get the word out! We thought an event like this deserved something special.  And since creating food to drop from the sky was out of our […]

Bricks 4 Kidz – Fun Building Classes for Kids

Bricks 4 Kidz - Building Classes for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

With three boys in my house, it is a never-ending series of building things with LEGO® bricks. Big things.  Little things.  Things in the middle of the living room floor. I had heard about Bricks 4 Kidz – building classes for kids with an educational twist – and looked into it several years ago.  At […]

Easiest Way to Practice Math for Kids

Easiest Way to Practice Math featured on Kids Activities Blog

UPDATE:  Yesterday the Splash Math app dropped its price!  The paid version is now a one-time fee of $9.99 for one grade level or $29.99 for all five grade levels.  Another advantage of Splash Math over its competitors is that an internet connection is not required to access the content on the iPad. Download the […]

New Ways to For Kids to Communicate

send s secret message - Kids Activities Blog

When I was a child, I had a secret place that only my best friend knew about.  We kept notes there to each other.  It was fun to look and see if something new had appeared and leave a note to be found later. I adored letters – both writing and receiving. My kids are […]

Make a Sugar String Snowman Holiday Decoration

Sugar String Snowman - Kids Activities Blog

Ever since we made sugar string pumpkins, I have been a little crazy about the process.  It just seems magical to start with sugar and string and end up with a delicate creation that looks like something I would buy! Today we are making a sugar string snowman…or snowwoman.  Kids Activities Blog is super excited […]

{Lots of Festive Ways to} Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

Decorating for the Holidays on a Budget - Kids Activities Blog

I adore holiday decor!  In fact, if I wasn’t such a stickler for Christmas being ONLY between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, I would want the world decorated with twinkly lights and mistletoe year round! Wise financial decisions and planning shouldn’t be neglected during the holidays. Decorating our homes for the holidays shouldn’t be an […]

Smile it Forward Activity for Kids {with FREE Printable}

Invisalign Smile it Forward Sweepstakes - Kids Activities Blog

One of the best things about life is a smile.  It is an indication of so many different kinds of thoughts – silly, funny, warm, happy, content, and surprised.  All good things! Smiling is also contagious…in a good way. I am really excited to be working with Invisalign on promoting their Invisalign Smile it Forward Sweepstakes {enter […]

12 Reasons to Downsize Your Family Home

12 Reasons to Downsize Your Family Home - Kids Activities Blog

Downsizing out of necessity has become a frequent theme in the recent economy.  Foreclosures and increased loan requirements have made that decision for many families. But what if downsizing is actually a gift to your family? Downsizing – no matter the reason – has its advantages! That is why we are tackling it as part […]

Make a Sugar String Pumpkin with Kids

Imperial Sugar Sugared String Pumpkin Decor - Kids Activities Blog

In my house, crafts are all about the experience and doing things together.  I am not a super crafty person and the majority of the projects we undertake turn out less than photo-worthy. Who cares!  We had fun doing it! The project I am sharing today turned out AMAZING.  I am not even kidding.  My […]

Gift for Kids {with Longevity} Under $10

CluedIn Treasure hunt feature

Y’all know how we are here at Kids Activities Blog about…well, kids activities!  That is one reason why we adore this new sponsor, Clued In Kids, because they are ALL about activities for kids. They have created an amazing gift for kids that engages them in play and the bonus is that because it has […]

5 {Nearly Painless} Ways to Save $500 Over the Holidays

5 Nearly Painless Ways to Save $500 featured on Kids Activities Blog

Ahhh…the holidays. Argh…the holiday bills! This is often the time of year that it becomes glaringly obvious that I didn’t save enough during the other 10 months!  What if there was an extra $500 in the bank account right now? What if there was $2500? Family budgets are tight these days which is why I […]

Play Dough Tattoos

Magic Fun Dough on Kids Activities Blog

We played with Magic Transfer Art today in a whole bunch of ways. I was sent two sets of Magic Fun Dough by Rose Art - Fairy Tea Party and Volcano Valley.  Since there are only boys at my house, I invited some of my very favorite girls over {and their brothers} to play tea party! I […]

How to Choose a Charity: To Whom Should You Give?

How to Choose a Charity - To Whom Should You Give - Kids Activities Blog

The holidays are definitely the perfect time to give, but to whom should you give? Choosing a charity, family or special group to offer financial aid is not the easiest decision in the world. Most of us moms have tender hearts towards children, especially at this time of year. Naturally, Kid’s Activities blog is going […]

Activision Family Game Summit TODAY {Watch Online}

Activision Family Game Summit feature

I am really excited about today because it is the Activision Family Game Summit! This will be the third year I have worked with Activision on helping promote this event and each year it just gets better. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us today! YOU can watch it live: […]

10 Ways to Remember that Special Moments Happen Everyday

10 Ways to Remember the Special Moments Everyday - Kids Activities Blog

The older my kids get, the more obvious it is that time flies.  It is an unfortunate occurrence on most days.  I look back on a day, week, month or year and gasp at how it is gone and not returning. Making sure that I am present and grateful for this fleeting time has become […]