Pet Chores for Kids

Having a pet - Kids Activities Blog

It happened. About 3 months ago we got a puppy.  Looking back on the whole thing it was a highly orchestrated event by my younger two brilliantly manipulating children.  I am inspired to tell this story based on the I and Love and You pet care company {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} who embraces the fact […]

Salted Marshmallow Recipe

how to make homemade marshmallows

Marhsmallows.  They are the perfect treat to top a cup of tea or coffee – or even to eat by themselves.  These salted marshmallows are super light and airy – the recipe is a hit with the kiddos! This is a mom-made-it recipe – inspired by Imperial Sugar, one of our blog sponsors.   Salted […]

Build Your Own Snowman Printable Holiday Placemats

snowman printable

It’s that time of year when the whole family gets together to celebrate and everyone wants to hang out at the dinner table and chat. And chat. And chat. The problem is, your kids want to do, not talk! And that’s why we love these build your own snowman printable holiday placemats! (Special thanks to […]

Prepping for Pregnancy

Prepping for pregnancy

Prepping for pregnancy is usually thought of as a mom-to-be kind of thing. I started eating healthier, being obsessed with the calendar and grabbing everything I could read on the subject. Did you know that HE can help too? How Men Can Prep for Pregnancy Dad-to-be can share in the preparation! I think we often […]

6 Two-Ingredient Ways to Fancy Your Cup of Coffee

HiLine Coffee Collage no text

Having a cup of coffee every morning is a cherished ritual.  It is something that gets my (often very early) day started right.  I adore the single serve coffee machines because I can make what I am going to drink freshly…and an extra cup a little later if needed. Keep reading for your chance to win […]

Have a HoneyBaked Christmas

HoneyBaked Holiday on Kids Activities Blog

The holidays are all about family. Spending time together.  Laughing together.  Eating together. It is that last one that trips me up!  I love to eat, but I am not very good at cooking…and certainly not the kitchen multi-tasking that it requires to pull of an amazing Christmas dinner. Until now… Have a HoneyBaked Holiday! […]

Enough Entertainment for the Entire Family!

Huawei Ascend Mate 2 - Kids Activities Blog

Our house has completely embraced technology. My husband and I both work from home on our computers. Our three boys are lovers of video games. We all adore a good movie. Handheld devices have changed the way we use technology in a big way. Each family member has a variety of tablets and phones that […]

10 Products that will Help You Smile

10 products to make you smile feature

During this time of year, I seem to be busier and on-the-go.  Whether it be a family vacation, marathon shopping trip or an evening out with friends, there are times when this work-from-home girl is not at home! Invisalign {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} has challenged me to find some of my best holiday beauty tips […]

Gift that Keeps Giving – Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box for Kids

At this time of year, I am always trying to figure out something to give the kids on my holiday list something that won’t be broken or annoying by the end of Christmas day. It is one of the reasons why I have given Green Kid Crafts {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} subscription boxes in the […]

A Stress-free Thanksgiving Meal {with Printable Placemats}

Thanksgiving Placemats - Honeybaked Ham

I love the holidays!  I love the family traditions.  I love that everyone stops what they normally do to get together and appreciate our blessed life. The problem for me has been not letting preparation of the holiday stress me out to the point that I can’t enjoy the holiday!  That is where HoneyBaked Ham […]

Have a HoneyBaked Thanksgiving With a $500 Giveaway

HoneyBaked Ham Thanksgiving Opportunity

We are delighted to partner with HoneyBaked Ham this year to bring you a Gift Card Giveaway worth $500! Oh ya!   Making Thanksgiving Dinner Easy We adore how you can get EVERYTHING you need for a full {and amazing} Thanksgiving dinner at HoneyBaked Ham stores!  This is such a help for busy families to […]

What I Craved During Pregnancy


Oh pregnancy!  I was so very excited to BE pregnant at the same time it seemed like my body was fighting with me over the issue. I read all those pregnancy books…every last one. It was clear from them that nausea would last for the first trimester.  I am a strong girl.  I can last […]

An Easy Money Lesson for Kids During the Holidays

Money Lesson for Kids During the Holidays

Celebrating the holidays can sometimes bring financial stresses. It is easy to spend, spend, spend instead of being thoughtful about options when it comes to gift-giving. SunTrust Bank {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} is spreading holiday cheer with the message of being meaningful within your means. They have easy-to-implement ideas for indulging in the currency of […]

Bedtime Routine Chart {with a Printable}

bedtime routine chart

Is bedtime chaotic at your house? It can be at mine! Help your kids get into a routine to have a more healthy life. When they have an established routine or a list of tasks, they know what to expect and it helps break the cycle of nighttime meltdowns. We were inspired by a number […]

A Big Shiny Twitter Party for #MeisterCleaners with Gifts!

Stainless Steel Rainbows feature

This post brought to you by Meister Cleaners. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Kids Activities Blog. Here at Kids Activities Blog we really like a party…especially when there are gifts involved! That is one of the reasons why we are thrilled to be partnering with Meister Cleaners {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} […]

5 Ways To Get Your Child To Take Medicine

dr cocoa

Convincing my daughter to take her medicine has been a challenge from the day she was old enough to spit it back out at me! We have tried so very, very many ways to get her to choke down not-so-awesome tasting medicine over the years, and these are my tried and true systems for getting […]

Tinker Crate from Kiwi Crate: Engineering Fun in a Box

Kiwi Crate Tinker Crate

I have to admit that even though I write here at Kids Activities Blog, I am often limited on time to create activities that are fun and educational for my own kids! It is one of the reasons why I am giddy over a new Kids Activities Blog sponsor, Kiwi Crate. Kiwi Crate – Tinker […]

Make a Book Pumpkin – Frugal Fall Craft

Book Pumpkin

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dollar Tree via Burst Media. The opinions and text are mine. I have to admit something. I am not a very skilled crafter. It is one of the reasons I feel much more comfortable in a kids activities setting…people aren’t expecting professional results! But […]

An Unexpected Benefit of Adoption

an unexpected benefit of adoption

Did you know that Kids Activities Blog exists because of an adoption? I began thinking about this story again and how it has blessed my life when Wendy’s approached us to help spread the word about their Jr. Frosty Halloween Coupon Book that raises money for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Working with Wendy’s […]

How to be a Happier Mom

How to become a happier mom

When I held my first child in my arms, I never thought I’d struggle with being a happier mom.  She was precious, tiny, and she smelled incredible!  I thought, “surely, this is what being a mom is all about: pure bliss ALL OF THE TIME!!”  But, the second we left the hospital (and our incredible nursing […]

A Confident Mother

Confident Mother feature photo

Confidence is one of those funny things. There are about a million variables and any one of them can tip that underlying feeling of certainty. I started thinking about all of this in conjunction with Invisalign’s Countdown to Confidence Daily Instant Win & Sweepstakes.  I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board which […]

50 TV Shows for Kids Recommended by Parents

TV Shows for Kids Parents Actually Like - Kids Activities Blog

One of the things that made it hard for me when my kids were little was finding TV shows for kids that didn’t make me crazy.  It is tricky because I wanted them to use their very limited TV time to have fun {and hopefully sneak in a little learning}, but often that meant something […]

Easiest Way to Make a Kid Movie from Your Phone

Make a MOVIE in 5 Minutes - Kids Activities Blog

I originally got into blogging as a substitute for scrapbooking.  I was scrapbooking nearly every waking moment of my first born’s life! That can be exhausting. As the expenses increased and I had less and less time to devote to this hobby, I realized one of the other barriers was that scrapbooks aren’t very sharable. […]

When Should Kids Go to the Dentist & Orthodontist?

First Dentist and Ortho Visits for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

When the kids were younger, it was really clear when they needed to go to the doctor!  You had a schedule of what checkups were at what months and years along with immunizations that they had to have. Childcare and school requirement for this information made even a procrastinator like me abide by what was […]

Playing with Food

Painting with Del Monte Fruit Squeezers

I have to admit that lunchtime has gotten boring. When the time to eat rolls around, the kids and I just open the fridge and hope a meal falls out. To date, that hasn’t occurred. And then the other day, I had a moment of motherhood brilliance. We added an activity that was a lunch […]

How to Choose a Rolling Backpack

what backpack to choose - Kids Activities Blog

Back-to-school time for us is very scripted. We have a list of school supplies that we need, a series of uniform pieces that are required and an never-ending checklist of books to purchase. In fact, when it comes down to it, the only big decision that the boys have is what backpack to choose! The […]

Week of Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas Packed by Kids

vegetarian lunch box ideas

My kids have been responsible for packing their own lunch boxes since Kindergarten.  It is a system that has worked well for our family because it has shifted the responsibility for school lunches from me to my boys. I am really excited about what I am sharing today.  This whole vegetarian lunch box ideas thing […]

A Very Good Steak Sandwich Recipe

Steak Sandwich Recipe - Kids Activities Blog

My husband is a really good cook. I am pretty good at cleaning up after him…which is why this works out so well for my family. When Mezzetta {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} approached me to participate in creating a sandwich recipe, I knew it was the perfect task to hand over to my husband. Mezzetta […]

Braces vs. Invisalign

Invisalign and braces

I had braces as a kid. And now as an adult I have them again.  Except this time around I am using Invisalign.  I am part of the Mom Advisory Board for Invisalign which includes complimentary treatment while I write about the experience. I am now on my 5th set of Invisalign trays giving me several […]

5 Easy Ways Moms Can Be Organized Every Day

5 Ways Moms Can Stay Organized - Kids Activities Blog

Keeping a family organized is a full time job. The crazy thing is that most of us have OTHER jobs too!  Whether it be a job outside the home, working from home or volunteering at school, there are balls moms juggle that make even the simplest tasks at home difficult to manage. And we all […]