How to Build a Volcano

How to Build a Volcano

My boys have been obsessed with volcanoes for awhile. I think it all started on our road trips between Dallas and Colorado several times a year. Just off the highway in Capulin, NM is a volcano. Capulin, NM is interesting because it is the only “hill” for MILES and MILES.  It is in the middle […]

Color Changing Milk Science Experiment

Color Changing Milk-4

Science experiments help us grow. Through experimenting and exploring we are able to ask questions, make assumptions, and then seek solutions. We are able to learn more about the world around us. This Color Changing Milk Science Experiment is a fun activity to do with kids of all ages. Color Changing Milk Science Experiment What […]

Color Spray – Science through Art for Kids

color spray science through art project for kids

I am super excited, I love my preschooler – but I have a houseful of them – and this year I am taking a break from them once a week and teaching a Art through Science course with our local home-school Co-op.  All of my students are potty-trained, they all can read… and they all […]

How to Answer Kids Science Questions

how to answer kids science questions

Kids love to ask why. It is one of the reasons they are such fun when exploring science concepts and simple experiments.  Everything seems amazing.  They want to take apart the world and see how it works. But I have been stumped. A lot. Even on stuff I might know! It is one thing to […]

12 Science for Kids Activities

6 Science for Kids Activites

Science for kids automatically makes me think of messy exploding volcanoes.    Thankfully there are many other science experiments to do that aren’t quite as complex as that one. Whether you are homeschooling your children and want to learn about science, or just like to have a fun time discovering, these are some wonderful activities […]

Static Electricity {Fun Balloon Experiment for Kids}

Static Electricity Science Experiment for Kids

Have a little fun with static electricity.  Your kids will love this easy balloon experiment that demonstrates how static works. Kids Activities Blog hopes this experiment sparks your child’s scientific curiosity about static electricity. Static Electricity Rebecca explained to us what static electricity is and showed us some ways we can observe it. Basically, it’s […]

Mind Stretching Fun at Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco

How does your body discriminate between hot and cold sensations? How genetically similar are you to a fruit fly? You might be surprised to learn the answers to these questions and more about the human body at the new interactive exhibits at Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco. She Is Dallas Info:  Sci-Tech Discovery Center is […]

Sinking Ships

bouyancy feature

When we heard about the Museum of Science+Industry Chicago’s  Summer Brain Games Series, we had to join in on the fun.  Last week we made the solar oven and today we are sinking ships experimenting with buoyancy. Buoyancy Experiment for Kids: This is the week 4 activity {see below for where to download the whole […]

Solar Oven

solar oven title

When we heard about the Museum of Science+Industry Chicago’s  Summer Brain Games Series, we had to join in on the fun. Summer Brain Games is 8 weeks of summer fun {don’t tell, but your kids might learn something, too!}. This is Week 5’s activity, the solar oven: How to Build a Solar Oven Materials Pizza […]

Sink or Float: An Experiment with Seltzer Water

experiment with water 2

Does it Sink or Float?  My husband and I were reminiscing recently about eating at the dining hall at the college where we met.  We talked about our favorite meals, the nights we ate waffles with ice cream for dinner, and I remembered pouring sprinkles into my glass of Seltzer Water when I was bored […]

How to Lift an Ice Cube with a String

Lift an Ice Cube with a string

My son loves magic tricks.  I love simple science experiments. Here’s a fun magic trick with a little science behind it. My son lifted an ice cube from a cup of water with just a string touching it. He was elated and in awe as the cube dangled in the air. All you need is […]

Magnets: The Magic Dollar

Magnetic Dollar Set

Do you think dollar bills are magnetic?  Here’s a quick little experiment to do while studying magnets or money! You’ll need a dollar bill and a magnet. Fold a dollar bill in half and set it on the table like in the picture above.  We ended up taping the bill to the table because it […]

Salt and Water Experiment

Kiwi Crate with Salt water experiment

We had been expecting it for awhile, but it finally arrived! Kiwi Crate (affiliate link)!  It is one of the best days of the month when our mailbox holds the green box. Oh!  And they have given Kids Activities Blog an exclusive discount.  It is 30% off the first month for new customers PLUS free […]

Chemical Reaction for Kids

chemical reaction experiment for kids materials

Of all the science experiments that we have done over the last few months, this is one of our favorites.  It produces just the right balance of chemical reaction and silliness. When you can take two ordinary things and mix them and have something unexpected happen, it is amazing!  This experiment uses common household ingredients:  […]

Buoyancy Experiment


The more I homeschool, the more I realize I DON’T know everything. *sigh* When I first saw this Buoyancy Experiment, I thought to myself…that will NEVER work! I had my doubts a chip bag could float with the weight of 100 pennies. Yes, I was sure I knew more than the scientist who put this […]

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane Game set up

The paper airplane is a staple of childhood. To start with a flat, ordinary piece of paper and transform it into something three dimensional. That flies! Magical. There are thousands of ways to make a paper airplane. Each fold creates a different result. Some successful. Some not. Today, we are looking at what would happen when you […]

Baking Soda Experiment

dancing raisins

Carbonated beverages are amazing.  You can make your own with Baking soda in sweetened water.  Baking soda. It has magical powers when baking over flour and water…but what about raisins? Or in my case we will be using Craisins since I haven’t been grocery shopping in awhile. The activity is taken from Pop Bottle Science by […]

Balloon Rocket

Balloon Rocket

Doesn’t every kid want to be an astronaut? The sky is such a big place begging to be explored…and the space suits are pretty cool. My kids are fascinated by all things outer space (even if it doesn’t directly relate to Star Wars).  The last shuttle launch was a much anticipated event at my house. […]

Science Experiments Using Candy

candy chromatography

Halloween is over but does your child’s trick-or-treat basket still have tons of candy in it? Ours does! Rather than deal with upset tummies from children eating too much candy or trying to deal with the whines that follow candy rationing, I decide to put some of these sweet treat to good use. We did […]

Experiment for Kids: Surface Tension

Experiment for Kids: Surface Tension

One of my favorite things is science.  I have found that even the simplest science experiments with my kids leads to unexpected discovery. The funny thing about kids and science is that I THINK I am teaching one thing. And then they go off on a tangent of curiosity and we end up somewhere completely […]

What is Fire?

what is fire experiment

My first college Chemistry class lab was about learning to observe and take notes on what you see, feel, hear, smell, taste and experience.  What that looked like for us was 3 hours of staring at a lit Bunsen Burner. Exciting, eh? Seeing what happened at my kitchen table yesterday with Rhett(5) brought back a […]

Sci-Tech Discovery Center: All sorts of holiday learning fun

I love the Sci-Tech Discovery Center and if you haven’t seen the Math Midway Exhibit…go now! They are hosting several events that I thought you might be interested in.  Here is some information that they provided about upcoming fun. Late Night @ Sci-Tech on December 10, 2010: Good news for parents this holiday season: Sci-Tech […]

A Gross Science Experiment

I’ve always loved science. I even wanted to be a micro-biologist at one time in my pre-children life. Of course, science experiments are lots of fun for me, especially gross ones Check this one out… We are always talking to Nicholas about the importance of washing his hands even if he doesn’t see that they […]

Our Rotten Science Adventure

Back at the beginning of September, our wonderful friend T gave us some pumpkins to welcome in Fall. Reese wanted to carve one right away, and he assured me he wouldn’t mind that it wouldn’t last all the way to Halloween. So we carved our pumpkin & put it on the porch to greet visitors. […]

Scientific Method with Preschoolers and Sunscreen


This post idea, to test our sunscreen by painting on our paper with sunscreen and leaving them out in the sun, was inspired by the comment by Lady in a Small Town in my earlier post, Sun-bleached Alphabet Puzzle. She said that she’d heard of an experiment where they painted with sunscreen and watched the […]

How to Grow (and kill) Our Germs: Preschool Science Experiment


Germs, I don’t like them but I am usually not on a “death to germs campaign” but right before our latest Quirky bundle arrived (she’s a whole 9 days old! Boy, time flies!) we were battling rotavirus with the older kids. Anybody who has struggled with rota doing its rounds through youngsters would totally appreciate […]

Science Experiment with Old Candy: Use Halloween Leftovers


Have you accumulated candy that no one will eat (or you’d prefer that they not eat it)?  Jennifer has a great idea!  Use it for science experiments! …. … We have a lot of Halloween candy we can’t eat. So we decided to do experiments with the candy we couldn’t eat because of the colorings […]