10 EASY Ways to Save

10 ways to save money

Are you looking for easy ways to save money as a family?  We have 10 simple things that can help get you started on your journey to saving money and spending less.   Drink Water. When you go out to restaurants, skip the sodas and go with water.  If you are a family of four and you […]

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How To Be Frugal {Save Money}

save money feature - Kids Activities Blog

Would you love to know 50 ways to save money? Here are some general tips on how to be frugal, ways to save money in your household, with your kids, and when feeding your family.  Do you have a tip for frugal living? Please share your ideas here at Kids Activities Blog in the comments or […]

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56 New Years Resolutions worth keeping

New Years Resolutions worth keeping

Every year we set New Years Resolutions, but this year I wanted to set some New Years Resolutions worth keeping.  At your New Years Party this year, make a resolution and stick to it!  You can do it! This is the time of year to make goals, resolutions, lifestyle changes.  Everything starts over, so set […]

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Super Secret System for Shopping After Christmas Sales

Super Secret System for Shopping After Christmas Sales - Kids Activities Blog

A few years ago I found out a little secret. This secret completely re-arranged my holiday shopping and budget plan. Not only that,  it made me charged and ready to spread this well-kept secret to my frugal friends and family. Are you ready for it? Ok, here it is: Shop THE AFTER-CHRISTMAS DAY SALES! Family […]

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Frugal Ways to Celebrate the Holidays & FREE Printable Game

Frugal Ways to Celebrate the Holidays - Kids Activities Blog

Just hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling! It’s the holiday season and that means loads of holiday fun! Are you looking for some frugal ways to celebrate the holidays? Here are some fun activities that you, your family can enjoy — without stressing over the cost of some wintry fun! Family budgets are tight these days […]

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{Lots of Festive Ways to} Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

Decorating for the Holidays on a Budget - Kids Activities Blog

I adore holiday decor!  In fact, if I wasn’t such a stickler for Christmas being ONLY between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, I would want the world decorated with twinkly lights and mistletoe year round! Wise financial decisions and planning shouldn’t be neglected during the holidays. Decorating our homes for the holidays shouldn’t be an […]

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5 {Nearly Painless} Ways to Save $500 Over the Holidays

5 Nearly Painless Ways to Save $500 featured on Kids Activities Blog

Ahhh…the holidays. Argh…the holiday bills! This is often the time of year that it becomes glaringly obvious that I didn’t save enough during the other 10 months!  What if there was an extra $500 in the bank account right now? What if there was $2500? Family budgets are tight these days which is why I […]

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12 Ways Moms Can Make Money from Home During the Holidays

12 Ways Moms Can Make Money From Home During the Holidays - Kids Activities Blog

Making money from home during the holiday season can alleviate some of the money pressure felt at this time of year.  Presents, special recipes, dinner parties and decorations can add up and work against your family budget. Toddlers, home-schooling and other duties make it almost impossible to work outside the home to bring in some […]

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12 Ways to Save Money on Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

12 Ways to Save Money when Traveling with Kids - Kids Activities Blog

Growing up, travel meant a 12+ hour road trip to relative’s house.  For some reason, no matter when we left it seemed like we always ended up arriving at our destination in the middle of the night…our poor relatives!  Despite my intense whining about road trips, traveling as a family created some of my favorite childhood […]

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Energy Efficiency for the Family: A Room by Room Guide

There’s more to getting your family to save energy than just telling them to turn off the lights when they leave a room. In your home, different rooms require different energy uses. Consequently, there are different ways to save energy in each room. By learning and applying these frugal tips you can show your family […]

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Kids and Money

kids and money

Just about anyone who’s ever watched a child or grandchild go from the crib to kindergarten and beyond has uttered the phrase, “They grow up so fast.” Although you can’t really freeze a youngster’s precious moments in time, you can take steps to make sure that his or her journey to adulthood starts with a […]

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Water Conservation Tips for North Texas

The weather is warming up and your yard is starting to sprout back to life.  Time to turn on those sprinklers again, right? Not so fast.  This is also the time that cities across the Metroplex implement water conservation measures to protect our water supplies.  With droughts expected through the summer, it is important that […]

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$30 Home Interior Design Consultation from The Pink Door Design Co.

Your home is supposed to be a reflection of your lifestyle and personality…is yours? If you need a little help, today’s deal will do the trick: For only $30, you’ll receive a 2 Hour Home Interior Design Consultation from The Pink Door Design Co. That’s a 50% savings! Just imagine working with a top notch […]

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$35 for 10 ZUMBA Fitness Classes for Mom!

moon phases for kids chart

Stop what you’re doing, Mama, and pay close attention because today’s deal is all about YOU only and we can’t believe how much fun it is! For only $35 you’ll get 10 super fun and super good for you ZUMBA Fitness Classes for Moms only at Footlights Dance Studio in Flower Mound. Woo hoo! It’s […]

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Save 80% on Dining Out Through Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com is a great website for saving money on restaurants in your area.  They make deals with restaurants all over the country – 18,000 nationwide – and it can save you big money when it comes to dining out. How does it work? Search the Restaurant.com website for a restaurant near you.  I usually start […]

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Frugal Friday – Not Much Around This Week

I spent a lot of money this week, but was not able to find any hardcore sales. My sweet friend, Bonnie, is getting married on July 25th and we (the bridesmaids) threw her a bridal shower this past weekend. It was so much fun! Good food and fellowship, can you ask for anything more? I […]

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