DIY Lego Costume

easy diy costume for halloween, a lego brick

Would your LEGO enthusiast love to wear a giant LEGO costume for Halloween this year?  Let us help you with this fun idea – just one of our many homemade Halloween costumes.  We at Kids Activities Blog just love costumes like this that are cheap and easy to make! LEGO Costume We try to make […]

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Play Ideas with Pool Noodles: Light Sabers

Pool Noodle Lightsabers-3

Have some kids who are Jedis-in-training?  We have some Star Wars fanatics in our family.  All you need to re-make pool noodles into light sabers is silver duct tape, black tape and some energetic boys who are less likely to hurt themselves with the foam weapons. Homemade Toys – Pool Noodle Light Sabers Here’s what […]

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Preschoolers Painting Masterpieces with Painters Tape

KAB Videos-3

Do you remember our post with painters tape and stripes?  We went through a painting kick for several weeks… We put some canvases to good use, and the kids were thrilled to have “more stuff to paint on.”   This is super easy and the finished product is wall-worthy.  Use painters tape to create an image.  […]

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Make Coffee Can Drums

Coffee Can Drums-1

Let kids create some music of their own with some simple Coffee Can Drums. This fun activity inspires creativity not only in the creation of the instrument, but in the hours they’ll spend banging on the drums after! The best part is that they’re super-easy to make! All you need to create your own coffee can […]

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Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Ornaments Kids Can Make - Kids Activities Blog

My favorite holiday decorations are the homemade Christmas ornaments that the kids make for our tree. Every year after Thanksgiving our family gets together and we make several of the ornaments for our tree. Homemade Christmas Ornaments Here are five, super simple ornaments that entertained and engaged my 2-5 year olds. Cinnamon Star Ornament My […]

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Fourth of July Crafts for Kids Using Popsicle Sticks

Fourth of July Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

These Fourth of July crafts for kids will keep little fingers busy in the celebration of the birth of America.  Each of these kids crafts uses craft or  popsicle stick for patriotic projects.  Kids Activities Blog loves these classic popsicle stick crafts for kids. Fourth of July Crafts for Kids The Fourth of July is a holiday that gives […]

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Homemade Games

homemade toys

It is another week of, It’s Playtime.  Each Wednesday afternoon you join us in featuring sweet and simple things that inspire us to enjoy our kids.  Wowsers!  There were over 200 great ideas of activities and games that you can make and play with the kids in your life linked up last week.  We love […]

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Recycled Art: Cup Holder Sculpture


Sometimes you hold onto an object to use a craft for a long time waiting for the perfect idea for a recycled craft to come to you. This cup holder has been in my craft bin for several months waiting for inspiration to come. I would look at it almost every time I opened the […]

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Recycled Art: Biodegradable Packing Peanut Sculptures


A friend approached me the other day with a box full of biodegradable packing peanuts (affiliate link) left over from a package she received.  I was so excited when she started showing me some different things she discovered about them and grabbed a handful to bring home to my son. The first thing she told me was […]

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Earth Day Craft: Butterfly Collage

butterfly collage

Earth Day is coming up and Rory and I have decided to make a few “earthy” crafts for the next few weeks!  One thing we do, almost on a daily basis, is go on a nature walk.  Our nature walks range anywhere from our own back yard, picking out colors of flowers and watching squirrels, […]

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Easter Tradition: Make Egg Art

Easter Tradition

We love Easter Traditions and Activities – one of our family’s favorite thing to do together is to use art to decorate a “spring tree”.   I saw this activity, in an extremely old Better Homes and Garden’s Family Activity book, and jumped on it we were so excited!  I had to tweak this Easter craft a […]

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Home Made Card: From a Collage


I like finding ways to involve kids in blessing others.   Even if its something as simple as sending a birthday or thank you card to a friend, it’s nice to share the experience with them.  Ever since I saw this idea for converting toddler scribbles into silhouette cards, I’ve been using art from my two and […]

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Upcycled Craft: Packing Peanut Scultpures

packing peanut sculptures

“Upcycled” or recycled art is a great way to re-use items that would otherwise end up in the dump or at a recycling plant.  It’s a great way to get creative and use free art materials! We recently created recycled art with biodegradable packing peanuts.  Biodegradable packing peanuts are not like styrofoam packing peanuts which […]

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I Love Red: Red Crafts, Red Art, Red, Red.

2011-12-18 001

Red is popular in our house.  Here’s an idea for a kids craft that makes use of all the odd bits and pieces of material left over from other crafts and creates a magnificent masterpiece, full of texture and contrast: a one color collage – featuring RED. The idea is to narrow down your selection of materials in one […]

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Pasta Play – Oh how many ways we can enjoy thee!

Pasta play

Some of the best toys are the free ones.  Pasta became one of those unexpected “play supplies” in our house.  Please tell me I am not the only parent who discovered a box of pasta – far past it’s expiration date – in the back of my pantry!  Time to put that pasta to use!   […]

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Printmaking Techniques: Making Prints from Styrofoam


This is a technique on how to make simple prints with recycled items.  So great to be back again with another great art project for kiddos using recycled materials. We are creating relief art (printmaking) by using a woodcutting technique on large sheets of styrofoam. These sheets came tucked between some shelving for some bookshelves […]

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Make a Craft Puppet: Pretend Play with your Childs Art

puppet craft

Do your kids draw and draw? Up until recently my 5-year-old wasn’t interested at all in picking up a pencil and making her mark but in the last few weeks she’s caught the bug and produces pages and pages of characters and scenes. I love seeing children’s drawings and spotting how they change as the […]

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Melted Bead Projects to Create with Children


I just love melty beads!  There are so many nice things about them- the way they feel on your fingers when you put your hands in a bucket of them, their bright colors, and their lack of toxic fumes when you melt them (unlike so many plastics). The classic melted bead project though -with a […]

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Somewhere over the rainbow

somewhere over the rainbow

We love all the colors in a rainbow, they bring smiles to our faces.  We had numerous colorful posts linked up last week in our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime.  Todays post is inspired by Kate, of Picklebums.  She had fun with her kids and droppers full of paint.  They had fun creating blotted rainbows […]

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Kids Days Out: Fun School-Break Ideas

Kids days school break activities

Are your kids home from school and going batty?  Here are several of our favorite activities that were linked up to It’s Playtime over the past year.  Perfect to entertain and engage your kiddos during a long week off of school.  We are taking a break from Playtime this week to to enjoy our families […]

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Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

Christmas Tree Crafts

It’s another week of Playtime! Last week we had 170 different kids activities linked up in our weekly kids meme. Wowsers! Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope you can find lots of fun activities to do with your kids. . Renee of Adventures at Home had a great time with her kiddos.  They made […]

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Homemade Christmas: A Massive Collection of Ornaments

homemade ornaments collection

Do your kids love decorating the tree?  I know mine do – and I love seeing their little creations each year.  This is a sampling of my collection of homemade ornament ideas.  I had a blast linking to ornaments all week on the QuirkyMomma facebook page.  Thanks for linking up posts and ideas both in […]

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Recycled Party Supplies

fun with recycled party supplies

Have some leftover party supplies?  Don’t just throw them out.  You can recycle them into fun decorations and activities for your child! My daughter just had her 3rd birthday and her party was a Hello Kitty theme.  There were Hello Kitty invitations, balloons, tablecloths, Happy Birthday banner, plates, napkins, and even Hello Kitty thank you […]

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Thanksgiving Crafts: Candle Dipping


    Add an extra special touch to your holiday table this year…dip your own candles!  This is a fun project to do with kids, and they will take great pride in contributing to the holiday table.   You could purchase new wax at the craft store, but for this project I dug through my cabinets […]

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Halloween Crafts: Recycled Bottle Cap Spiders


You can keep some plastic bottle caps out of the landfill by recycling them into this fun Halloween craft project. Supplies: Plastic bottle caps like you find on gallon milk jugs Paint and paint brush for spider body Pipe cleaners for spider legs Googly eyes Glue (hot glue preferred but kids have more fun with […]

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Kids Meme: It’s Playtime

It's Playtime mix 915

Every week on Wednesday afternoons we host a kids meme called “It’s Play Time”.  Hundreds of fun ideas of ways you can play with and enjoy your kids are featured each week from bloggers around the world.  Below are some of my favorite posts that were recently linked up. . Make time to play. At […]

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Tree Blocks: Building with Nature

Tree blocks

A good foundation is important for both buildings and for life.  This week’s sponsor, Cerra, is a company with a wide variety of products, ranging from comforting oils, candles,  journal aids and more.  Their products help remind us to be grounded in who we are and to build with what we have around us.  They […]

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Craft Kits: A Creative Gift Idea for Kids (& a giveaway!!)

kits from Green Kids Crafts

Are you looking for gift ideas for creative kids – these kits are perfect!  Green Kid Crafts is a company that is mom-made and mom-run, and you can tell!  They understand kids and are spot-on with instructions.  Our kids love the variety and textures of the supplies included in the kits.  Congrats to April who […]

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It’s Playtime Link Party

Natural Crafts for Kids

It’s time for another It’s Playtime Kids Activity Meme! I love getting to browse all the suggested activities and I hope you are too! This meme is up and running every Thursday morning (published sometime in the night Wednesday) and links submitted appear on this site as well as my pals: Hands on: We Grow […]

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It’s Playtime Linkup Party Round-up

We team up to run the kids play activities link-up, It’s Playtime, each week with Hands on : as we grow, Let the Children Play, The Imagination Tree and Messy Kids.  Each week you, our beloved readers submit your favorite play posts to show up on all of our blogs.  This week I have the […]

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