80+ Delicious Family Meal Ideas

Family Meals feat

We are always on the prowl for good family meal ideas. We all have our go-to recipes we tend to stick with and finding something new and delicious our family will love is important.  Plus, we get a little bored in the kitchen making the same things. If you need a place to search for […]

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Simple Origami Paper Boats {Plus Snack Mix!}

boat feature

For my family summer looks a lot like this: play in the water, eat a snack, repeat.  With the help of our sponsor Horizon Organic and this super fun and simple kid craft, I found a way to combine our two favorite summer activities.  Learn how to create these simple origami paper boats, plus a delicious […]

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Mango Chicken Wraps

mango chicken wraps

Along with this Pot Roast Recipe, this delicious recipe for Mango Chicken Wraps is hands down my one of my very favorite recipes. It’s super easy, healthy and uses ingredients like jicama that I rarely know what to do with. Best of all – it requires ZERO COOKING! Mango Chicken Wrap Recipe YOU WILL NEED: 1 large […]

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Banana Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie {Breakfast on the Go!}

blueberry smoothie recipe

This delicious banana blueberry yogurt smoothie makes the perfect breakfast for busy summer days.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we love a good smoothie recipe, we partnered with our sponsor Yulu, to bring you this extra tasty one. Plus, we’ve got a genius hack that turns a regular mason jar into a spill free smoothie […]

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Panko Chicken

panko fried chicken

Nobody will ever believe that this panko chicken recipe wasn’t fried in oil! The skin is crispy, salty,  and delicious– all without oil!  It’s not healthy by any stretch, (you brush butter on the chicken!) but it’s definitely less messy! Oven-Fried Panko Chicken Recipe INGREDIENTS: 2 cups Panko crumbs (Japanese bread crumbs) 1/2-3/4 tsp cayenee […]

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{Easy Kid Snacks} Frozen Yogurt Treats

easy kid snack

As a busy mom with a healthy lifestyle I am always looking for easy kid snacks ideas, especially ones that my kids love!  My biggest challenge is finding things my kids and I can agree on for an after dinner treat.  These frozen yogurt treats couldn’t be easier, in fact they are perfect for making with your […]

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Ovaltine Fruit Dip

ovaltine chocolate fruit dip

Lately every gathering I attend has some variation of cream cheese dip. You just can’t go wrong with cream cheese and almost anything goes with it, even Ovaltine. One of my tried and true fruit dip recipes is this Ovaltine Fruit Dip. It is magical. It was inspired by a this recipe. What You Need […]

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IHOP Copycat Nutella Crepes

nutella crepes

Lately I have been ordering the Nutella crepes at IHOP and thought I might be able to improve on them at home with my own IHOP Copycat Nutella Crepes Recipe. They are very tasty there, but homemade crepes and fresh strawberries are absolutely cravable. This post contains affiliate links.  What You Need To Make Copycat IHOP Nutella […]

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Easy Eggs Benedict

easy eggs benedict no text

We usually have cold cereal or oatmeal for breakfast during the week, but on the weekends we sleep in a little later and enjoy a later brunch that is a little heartier. One of our favorite weekend morning breakfasts is Easy Eggs Benedict. Several wonderful flavors that blend perfectly together. What You Need To Make […]

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40 of our Favorite Winter Recipes

40 Favorite Winter Recipes

Now that the weather’s getting cooler and we’re headed into the holiday season, it’s time to dig out those favorite winter recipes! {Looking for winter crafts? Click HERE!} These are just a few of our top cold-weather picks… Favorite Winter Recipes Breakfast One of our all-time favorites in this house are these Everyday Cinnamon Rolls […]

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Easy and Savory Hamburger Soup

homemade hamburger soup

The cold weather is here and one of the best ways to warm up is with a big bowl of soup. I love making homemade soup this time of year. Hamburger Soup is a very easy option and I love it’s versatility. We also like to serve our soup with sweet cornbread, what about you? […]

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The Perfect Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate feature

This slow cooker hot chocolate recipe is oh so good (and oh so easy)!  Your kids will love to help make (and drink) this delicious Black and White Crockpot Hot Cocoa.  Have you ever ordered a Black and White Hot Chocolate from Starbucks (it’s on the secret menu)? This copycat recipe is simple, delicious, and great […]

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Easy Healthy Recipes Using the #1 Technique for Vegetables Kids Love

veggies kids love

Do you wish you knew easy healthy recipes so that your kids would eat more vegetables? Do you wish you enjoyed eating a few more vegetables yourself?! Easy healthy recipes don’t have to be complicated.  One simple cooking technique will work for almost any vegetable and all you need is a pan, olive oil, and salt. […]

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{Kids Cook!} Simple Healthy Cream Pops

cream pop freature

This healthy cream pops are super simple to make.  They are one of my favorite kid-friendly recipes.  In fact, they only require one ingredient and your kids can easily make them all by themselves!  Oh, and did I mention they are healthy and delicious?  That’s right, this is a dessert you can say yes to […]

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20 Totally Delicious Crock Pot Soup Recipes

totally delicious slow cooker soup recipes

Crock pot soup recipes should be on the top menu planning list of every mother. (Or, whoever cooks family meals). These meals are healthy, nutritious and, oh boy, they are so yummy. I gathered some of the most delicious, easiest and mouth drooling crock pot soup recipes. Dig in, pick your favorite recipe (or two) […]

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20 Delicious Fall Slow Cooker Recipes

fall crockpot feature

Savor the best autumn flavors with these easy fall slow cooker recipes.  After a long summer of salads your family will love these cozy crockpot recipes.  Here at Kids Activites Blog we love our slow cooker meals because they are a simple way to cook even on the busiest of days.  So in between soccer […]

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Kid Made Watermelon Slushies

watermelon slushies

Watermelon slushies are the perfect summer treat!  Kids will love making these icy treats and the results are nothing short of delicious.  Take advantage of watermelon season and escape the heat with these easy to make slushies.  This recipe only requires two ingredients and they are both summer staples: watermelon and lemonade!  Now these are […]

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Homemade Slushie Syrup Recipe {The Perfect Summer Snack!}


Cool off this summer with your own homemade slushie syrup recipe! How many of you have kids who love to snack? I have three growing boys who are always hungry.  This homemade slushie syrup recipe is perfect for hot summer days when your kids are needing something to do and want something sweet.   Well, a few years ago, […]

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Easiest Slow Cooker Chicken Dinner Ideas for Families

Easiest Slow Cooker Chicken Dinner Recipe for Families

This is absolutely my go-to easiest family dinner recipe.  It takes less than 3 minutes to get it into the slow cooker and is very forgiving on how long you leave it to cook. Once this slow cooker chicken recipe is complete, it is easy to make a variety of meals.  If you are sitting […]

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Crispy Rice Easter Egg Treats

Crispy Rice Easter Treats

Last week we made edible play dough out of a favorite Easter candy which got me to thinking that they could be a fun substitution for crispy rice treats! One of our very favorite sponsors is back with us today with the basic recipe I am adapting.  It is Imperial Sugar…yum!  You can find all […]

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easy lasagna recipe

Easy Lasagna Recipe - Kids Activities Blog

This very easy lasagna recipe was so yummy that I didn’t even get a picture of the finished dish before we ate it! But let’s get started at the very beginning. This recipe for Beef, Arugula and Spinach Lasagna was suggested to me as part of a sponsored program through the Texas Beef Council.  My family […]

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{Yummy} Very Good Chance of Meatballs Sandwich Recipe

chance of meatballs close up - Kids Activities Blog

In celebration of the video release of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital, Kids Activities Blog is thrilled to be working to get the word out! We thought an event like this deserved something special.  And since creating food to drop from the sky was out of our […]

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Kinda Lemon Pancake Recipe {for Dinner}

Yummy Lemon Pancakes Recipe

We eat breakfast for dinner around here frequently. I am just a breakfast girl. I think it might be genetic because the boys seem to favor the first meal of the day as well.  The cool thing is that if you make extra for dinner, you can have the left-overs for breakfast the next day…see […]

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Breakfast Cookies – Yep!

Breakfast Cookies

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we are big eaters of breakfast for dinner. *don’t judge* So, why not mix it up a little with cookies for breakfast? We are just a wild and crazy bunch. This recipe is from my grandmother who didn’t like many sweets.  It was one of the rare desserts she made […]

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Easy Peasy Sweet Roll Recipe & BIG Giveaway

Easy Peasy Sweet Rolls that Kids Can Make - Kids Activities Blog

I love sweet rolls.  A good sweet roll can literally change the course of a day! Today I am sharing my family’s go-to sweet roll recipe and at the end of this post is a giveaway that can change the course of YOUR day! We have teamed up with some other bloggers to giveaway three […]

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12 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

What to Do With Those Little Pumpkins - Kids Activities Blog

Oh pumpkin, how I love thee! I am always searching for healthy pumpkin recipes. It’s always my goal this time of year to NOT put on dreaded Holiday weight eating all the yummies we are surrounded by.   Healthy Pumpkin Recipes I have put together this roundup of several healthy pumpkin recipes for you to […]

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2 Minute Hot Chocolate Cake Recipe

hot chocolate cake recipe - takes only 2 min to make!

My mother surprised me with a handcrafted tea set from Poland. I have teacups from around the world, this was such a special gift to me and my girls! What a better way to celebrate a warm afternoon (love Texas weather) than by having a hot chocolate party to christen in our tea set, together. […]

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Curb Your Coffee Shop Habit: Favorite Homemade Latte Recipes

Homemade Latte Recipes

I’ll confess. I have a latte habit. However, I don’t have a coffee shop latte budget. So I’ve taken to making homemade lattes. Whether you like seasonal lattes, coffee lattes, or even tea lattes, they are super simple to make at home. There is no special equipment required. However, if you enjoy your lattes at […]

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{Oh So Yummy} Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe

Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe from Kids Activities Blog

This peanut butter smoothie recipe has become my 7 y/o’s favorite snack.  In fact, we just made another batch not more than 25 minutes ago!   Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe This is really simple, hardly a recipe at all…but aren’t those the BEST? This will make two good-size servings: 3 cups of frozen soy milk […]

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Grandma’s Meatless Ball Recipe {One of My Favorites}

Grandmas Meatless Ball Recipe on Kids Activities Blog

I come from several generations of vegetarians.  Until the last15 years that was REALLY weird. Yep, I was the teenage girl at Wendy’s ordering a burger without the burger. Even though my family and I do eat meat, nostalgic comfort food remains meatless for me.  Today I am sharing one of my very favorite recipes. […]

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