Avoid the Summer Slide


All parents fear the summer slide!  This is when our kids have too much fun over the summer and they forget everything they learned in school.  Ok it’s not everything but it does happen to a lot of our kiddos. We all know the brain is a muscle and it needs to be stimulated at […]

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How long should you read with your kids every day?

read with your kids

You may be wondering How long should you read with your kids every day?  I am here to tell you why the magic number is reading 20 minutes a night… or more. There are so many things that I, as a teacher, wish that the parents of my students knew about reading with their kids.  Reading […]

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Printable Bookmark and Reading Log

Make a reading log and bookmark with your child

Make your own personalized bookmark and reading log with this free printable kit designed by Jen Goode. This fun project is a great way accessory to pair with your child’s favorite book or maybe the 101 Kids Activities Book. It’s also fun way to include reading into craft time and help kids create something they can […]

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Apple Bookmark Craft for Back to School

Apple Bookmark Craft

This colorful bookmark craft is perfect for fall and heading back to school! So when you’ve finished organizing your school supplies, pull out the hair clips and felt to make these fun and colorful apple bookmarks. Be sure to make an extra to give as a teacher’s gift! For this bookmark craft you will need: Metal hair […]

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6 Book Activities for Kindergartners


Book activities can take our favorite stories and turn them into fun.  Why just read a book and then put it away?  Make it exciting! These book activities come from our best blog feature, Ready Set Read.  Follow that link to read her interview! 6 Book Activities for Kindergartners 1.  Fairy Tale Prop Bakets – Make […]

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Word Families Flip Chart

how to make a word families book

W is for Words.  We have an early reader in our house, a gal who just can’t get enough of words to say, words to read.  Our phonics flip chart is our friend! We made it last fall and with the help of that book, my daughter can sound out and read short words like […]

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Printable Reading Set for Kids – “Fall for a Good Book”

Free Printables for Kids - Fall Reading Set

Y’all know how giddy we get here at Kids Activities Blog over free printables. It makes us downright silly. Today is something to smile about…a printable reading set for kids themed for fall.   Free Printables for Kids This reading set is perfect for assigned reading from school or a special treat for favorite books. […]

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A Literal Reading Adventure with Alice in Wonderland

Literal Reading Adventure with Alice in Wonderland with Kids Activities Blog

When it comes to books, I am very old school.  I like the feel of the cover, turning the pages and folding down the corner instead of locating my bookmark.  The last time I bought a book for my eReader, I ended up picking up the book copy to finish the story just because it […]

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Over 150+ Best Books for Children

Best Books for Children

The best books for children can be hard to choose since there are over 30,000 published each year.  It can take a lot of hit and miss to find the great ones, which is why we love hearing which books others have read and loved.  Reading the best books can instill a love of reading […]

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Starting to Read: It’s Playtime Fun with Phonics

starting to read

One of our kids learned to read fairly easily, and our other child has struggled.  I was so thankful to find these activities linked up in our weekly It’s Playtime, our Kids Meme that runs every Wednesday afternoon.  They have been a huge help with making Phonics fun for kids! How to Read: Word family […]

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10 Reading Games for Kids to Make Learning Fun!


Reading games can help your child read!  Beginning words for kids like sight words can be made much easier to learn {and fun} when reading games are part of the day. Kids Activities Blog loves making learning fun.  Here are a collection of reading games that will have your early reader giggling.  If you are […]

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10 Tips for Reading Readiness & Learning Letters

alphabet ideas2

Tips for reading readiness can make learning letters much easier.  These 10 Tips for Reading with Kids will have your child playing with alphabet activities, playing alphabet games, name games, creating phonemic awareness, writing the alphabet, learning alphabet sounds and generally learning letters! Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Mary Catherine from Fun-A-Day as […]

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January Book Corner

I love books. Seriously. Love them. They let me experience things I never could otherwise. I can visit exotic countries, and sometimes even other planets. I meet fascinating people: women who’d be my best friends in real life, and men who sparkle with intrigue. I get to go on adventures, dig into the depths of […]

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Simple {and Fun} Strategies for Reading

strategies for reading

Incorporate some fun strategies for reading to make learning exciting for your child.  The reading process can be enhanced with several of the great ideas in this activity.  A love of books and starting to read activities are found throughout the pages of Kids Activities Blog. Strategies for Reading Books can be a wonderful place […]

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Pre-Reading: Letter Match Game

Letter-Matching-Activity feature

Pre-Reading Activities Here is a simple pre-reading activity for toddlers and preschoolers to draw their attention to the letters and match attributes even before they are ready to begin learning the letter names and sounds! This is the perfect independent pre-reading activity for kids to play on the refrigerator, so you can keep an on […]

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Early Reading Games

Learning to read doesn’t have to mean just sitting down with a book.  Thanks to Kids Activities Blog, we have found some early reading games to engage even the most reluctant reader. Story Cubes Rachel came up with these story cubes as an activity to help her child learn to read. They are a mix […]

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Story Cube Game for Learning to Read

story cube game fore reading

We came up with these story cubes as an activity to help my child learn to read.  They are a mix between Rory’s Story Cubes (they were featured in our last Toy Guide) and Bob’s Books.  We use a mixture of Bob Books, Progressive Phonics and the free printables at Hubbard’s Cupboard for our reading […]

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When Stories Come to Life

stories come to life

I LOVED the posts linked up last week because so many were creative with books and poetry. These activities didn’t have kids at desks reading quietly. They had kids experiencing the story. I can’t wait to try these with my boys {who try to convince me that reading is boring}. Not anymore… Lorax gets a […]

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Parent + Child + Reading = Our Club


The more you read, The more things you will know. The more that you learn, The more places you’ll go. -Dr. Seuss I always wanted a family full of readers.  So I read to my babies in utero.  I read to them as infants.  I read to them as they were chewing the board books […]

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Growing Young Readers with Teen/YA Blogs

My daughter is almost 11.  When she was in 2nd grade, I’d tuck her in and we’d talk about her day.  We started a routine of talking about the good news and bad news of the day (which we still do today).  One of the recurring topics was how she hated reading and knew she’d […]

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Story-Telling Activities to do with your Kids

story telling round-up1

Kids have the most vivid imaginations; I just love hearing the stories my preschoolers come up with and the worlds they create in their pretend play! Here are several ideas of ways you can help get the creative juices flowing from the minds of your little tykes: Made by Joel has a great collection of […]

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Preschool Play Based on Literature

literature feature or fb size

Preschoolers love to be read to and to play pretend; combine the two and you are sure to have a great afternoon activity. Here are some of my favorite link-ups from our Kids Meme, It’s Playtime,  that featured families reading and playing with their kids: Preschool lesson plans: If I got to award a “prize” […]

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Addicted to Books

I’m addicted to books. I freely admit this. I have stacks and stacks of them in every room in the house. We have shelves filled with them. My bedside table has 6 books on it right now. There are more on the dresser, several in my car. They are everywhere in my life. It’s no […]

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Zumba in Bartonville

My search for the perfect exercise for a non-exercise-lover like me continues (give me a book and I’m happy, but alas, reading is not exercise). I am basically of the belief that nothing is better than walking.  Except that sometimes you just can’t walk.  And sometimes you want to do something besides walk. I’ve tried […]

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Literacy Resources used in the Activity-a-Day Calendars

learn to read resources

Wondering what resources we are using in our Activity-A-Day “Learn to Read” Calendars?  Here are a bunch of our favorite resources that we use each month! . Homemade Learn-to-Read resources: Phonics Flip Chart – Make this nifty tool to help your kids learn the way that letters sound together.  We have several.  Once for three […]

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Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) Reading Wheel

learn to read wheel

I love homemade learn-to-read resources.  This is a throw-back from my teaching days.  I had seen wheels like this in our reading curriculum (don’t ask me what it was – it was over a decade ago).  Basically, the concept of the wheel is that one letter is stationary and your child can rotate the wheels […]

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B is for Bedtime… I love books for preschoolers!

interrupting chicken

This week we are having fun playing and doing things that begin with the letter B during our playtime, lots of blocks, lots of banging and bouncing, and lots of quiet-down bedtime stories! Candlewick Press must have known that this week was the letter B in our Activity-a-Day calendar as they sent us several bedtime […]

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Great Mothers and Fathers Day Books to Read

mothers fathers books3

Congrats to Susan of Giving Up on a Clean House, she is the winner of these preschooler books!  Thanks to all for participating!  . We love to read at the Quirky Home, our favorite books that are whimsical and encourage our kiddos imagination! Today we have a giveaway of two hardcover books, perfect for Mothers […]

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Character Building Books: My Young Child


Here is another resource for parents! My Young Child has a growing collection of online stories (you can read them online or print them) discussing different character traits that we would love to see our children model. Some of the books we have read together are: “Silly Lilly Remembers her Manners” and “Gilbert the Goat […]

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Ways for your Preschooler to Practice Penmanship (part 1)

playdough letters

As we are working on learning our letters we have been having fun learning how to write them. Here are several ways that you can help your preschooler or kindergartener have fun while learning to write letters and words. You can also use these same techniques to practice tracing and working on any fine motor […]

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