Lego Costume

easy diy costume for halloween, a lego brick

Would your LEGO enthusiast love to wear a giant LEGO costume for Halloween this year?  Let us help you with this fun idea – just one of our many homemade Halloween costumes.  We at Kids Activities Blog just love costumes like this that are cheap and easy to make! LEGO Costume We try to make […]

20+ Kid Friendly Ideas for Wax Crayon Art and a $1,500 Giveaway!

Melted Crayons Colorful Abstract painted background on canvas

Crayon art goes beyond just coloring!  Wax crayons are fun to color with – a staple of preschooler craft times everywhere.  In addition to coloring and crafting with crayons, we have collected the best art projects from around the web for you to enjoy with your kids! We hope that you will be inspired to take […]

Make a Friendship Bracelet Loom

Make a friendship bracelet - Kids Activities Blog

This DIY bracelet loom is awesome! I remember friendship bracelets from my childhood. It was so fun to make one, wear it and then give it away. Sometimes my best friend and I would spend the afternoon making them together. Am I the only momma with kiddos who love their accessories?  The more they have […]

Word Families Flip Chart

how to make a word families book

W is for Words.  We have an early reader in our house, a gal who just can’t get enough of words to say, words to read.  Our phonics flip chart is our friend! We made it last fall and with the help of that book, my daughter can sound out and read short words like […]

10 Reading Games for Kids to Make Learning Fun!


Reading games can help your child read!  Beginning words for kids like sight words can be made much easier to learn {and fun} when reading games are part of the day. Kids Activities Blog loves making learning fun.  Here are a collection of reading games that will have your early reader giggling.  If you are […]

Human Body System – learn about it!

Human Body System

We are learning about the human body, what organs we have, what systems work together to form our bodies.  We are learning what the purposes of the various organs are and where they are located.  This is a great fall activity to do together as a family especially as there are so many skeletons and […]

Cool Math Game: With a Fly Swatter


We love cool math games, especially for our kids who don’t like “school” – you know the sit and learn from a book “organized” school? We homeschool so I am constantly looking for ways to bring the learning to life – especially for my son. Flyswatter math is a huge hit! I think it has […]

What to do when Camping

camping activities for kids

We are looking forward to temperatures dropping and are planning our next camping trip – Fall and perfect camping weather is coming! The kids have already got their fishing tackle boxes ready to go and are planning the different ingredients to use in s’mores this trip.  Do you go camping? Here are some of our […]

Be a Princess: Make Paper Dolls

Princess paper dolls

[BlogFrog_px tk=”79-O-JY”]We have three girls.  A rainy summer day is perfect for creating and pretending.  There are few things that my girls love more than pretend play.  They get a bin of fancy dresses, silly hats, ostentatious scarves, grab a couple pairs of my high heels and it is their dream day of fun!   Recently, […]

Homemade Games

homemade toys

It is another week of, It’s Playtime.  Each Wednesday afternoon you join us in featuring sweet and simple things that inspire us to enjoy our kids.  Wowsers!  There were over 200 great ideas of activities and games that you can make and play with the kids in your life linked up last week.  We love […]

Lego Math Activities

Legos are great for developing spatial reasoning skills, great for building grand castles, boats, even Rapunzel’s hair (yes, my daughter has demonstrated multiple times, you can make “hair” out of legos).  Legos are also great items to use for developing addition and subtraction skills.  Here are some of the ways we used our legos this […]

Turkey Craft Round-up

Turkey Crafts

Welcome to another week of It’s Playtime!  This week we are featuring recent link-ups of turkey crafts.  There were so many ideas linked up last week – thanks for making our weekly kids meme a success!  Thanks also to my co-hosts: Let the Children Play, The Imagination Tree, Messy Kids and Hands On: As We […]

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year – I think an attitude of gratefulness is so important to cultivate in ourselves and our kiddos. Here are just a few of the craft activities I hope to do soon with my kiddos. . . Turkey with Thankful Feathers (via Parents Magazine).  They covered a foam […]

Free things to do with kids

Free things to do with kids

Kids don’t need toys, they don’t need “programs”. I love a few of the activities linked up in It’s PLaytime last week! These are things you can do with your kids almost anywhere with no preparation – and they won’t cost you a dime. Looking for more ideas? Check out our weekly link-up below. Lots […]

Thanksgiving Tree: A Family Activity

Thankful Tree

Ever see something and it inspire you to create something similar? I saw these nifty dowel trees on the Lowes Creative Inspiration site and remembered a family friend, fellow blogger Laugh with Us, they have a tree for every major holiday and we decided to create our very own tabletop tree for our Thanksgiving celebration […]

Make a T-Shirt Dress

This T-shirt dress does not require any sewing,  I have small kids, really small kids for their ages.  I’m small.  They are doomed.  One of the problems with being unusually petite is when we get a “group shirt” – you know the ones they wear on field trips, or to VBS, or as part of […]

Preschool Skills – Lacing Cards

girl working on lacing card

Lacing cards improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in preschoolers I love lacing cards. They are an easy activity to take with you to keep children busy in the car.  There aren’t many parts to them, they don’t take batteries, and they are completely silent. But lacing cards aren’t only a good thing for […]

Tree Blocks: Building with Nature

Tree blocks

A good foundation is important for both buildings and for life.  This week’s sponsor, Cerra, is a company with a wide variety of products, ranging from comforting oils, candles,  journal aids and more.  Their products help remind us to be grounded in who we are and to build with what we have around us.  They […]

Craft Kits: A Creative Gift Idea for Kids (& a giveaway!!)

kits from Green Kids Crafts

Are you looking for gift ideas for creative kids – these kits are perfect!  Green Kid Crafts is a company that is mom-made and mom-run, and you can tell!  They understand kids and are spot-on with instructions.  Our kids love the variety and textures of the supplies included in the kits.  Congrats to April who […]

Kids Activities for Outdoor Play

Outdoor play activities for kids

It is not quite cool enough yet to play outside for long periods of time. It is still 100+ degrees here in Texas, but we are dreaming of the 90s and bookmarking some fun outdoor play ideas as inspired through last week’s It’s Playtime Link-up. Each week over a hundred bloggers link up their favorite […]

It’s Playtime – Our Thursday Kid Activities Link-Up

. Simple activities are great! They give our children the freedom to be creative, to adapt, imagine and create. Of the hundred plus activities that were linked to in last week’s “It’s Playtime” the one by Kelly of Little Wonder’s Days grabbed my attention. On a day when I am sick or when we have […]

Work From Home Job Ideas for Moms

I never imagined myself to be a working-momma, but I became one.  A few years ago I started QM as a journal of sorts – now it pays for the groceries – Woot!   I am sure I am not the only mom to say that in this economy, having a little extra income is a […]

Play Ideas with Pool Noodles: Light Sabers

Pool Noodle Lightsabers-3

Have some kids who are Jedis-in-training?  We have some Star Wars fanatics in our family.  All you need to re-make pool noodles into light sabers is silver duct tape, black tape and some energetic boys who are less likely to hurt themselves with the foam weapons. Homemade Toys – Pool Noodle Light Sabers Here’s what […]

Pillowcase Skirts – a Slumber Party Activity

We love to wear dresses, the more color they have and the more they “flounce” the better they are. A few weeks ago Elmer’s sponsored a craft camp – my kids had a blast making some giant fabric wall letters, and we had so many leftover supplies we dug the box out again the next […]

It’s Playtime Linkup Party Round-up

We team up to run the kids play activities link-up, It’s Playtime, each week with Hands on : as we grow, Let the Children Play, The Imagination Tree and Messy Kids.  Each week you, our beloved readers submit your favorite play posts to show up on all of our blogs.  This week I have the […]

Early Math Activities

early math activities 2

My kids learn math the best with the help of math activities and games. Math can be both easy and difficult to do with older toddlers and preschoolers. Remember our fun early math game was our Tinker Toy Catapults.  Recently they helped some of the Quirky Kids to practice spatial reasoning  and then measuring as […]