Cool Ways to Welcome Summer


Happy Memorial Day!!  Are your kids out of school yet?  Or will they be soon?  Either way, we welcome summer with a BANG in our home.  Here are some fun ways we have done it it in the past and a few other fun ideas we are going to try! Welcome to Summer School Bus […]

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Paper Crafts for Kids: Paper Dolls with Spray Adhesive


When my sister and I were growing up we had a steamer trunk full of paper dolls.  It was probably our favorite thing to play together. Now that I have two daughters who are old enough to play with dolls I thought it would be fun to introduce them to some of the many paper […]

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Finger Paint: Homemade Fun

little girl painting on floor

Finger painting fun! Rory and I had nothing planned today so we decided to make our own finger paint! I chose to make our own paints because I know Rory is getting her molars now and so everything is in her mouth.  I did just a basic flour, salt and water mixture so that if […]

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Dramatic Play: Inspired by Piaget

Play is the Work of Childhood - Kids Activities Blog

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.” – Piaget. Dramatic play is one of the things that instills a sense of belonging and identity.  Our children experience who they are and how to relate to others as pretend in various roles.  Pretend play helps our children develop empathy as they practice putting […]

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Things that Glow: Balloons with Glow Sticks

glow balloons

I recently went to Wal Mart to shop for party supplies.  One of the items I wanted was a bag of balloons.  I found the balloons but also discovered a fun new kind of balloon – LED balloons!  They have a little light in them that is activated when you pull out the tab.  Then […]

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Make a Craft Puppet: Pretend Play with your Childs Art

puppet craft

Do your kids draw and draw? Up until recently my 5-year-old wasn’t interested at all in picking up a pencil and making her mark but in the last few weeks she’s caught the bug and produces pages and pages of characters and scenes. I love seeing children’s drawings and spotting how they change as the […]

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Somewhere over the rainbow

somewhere over the rainbow

We love all the colors in a rainbow, they bring smiles to our faces.  We had numerous colorful posts linked up last week in our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime.  Todays post is inspired by Kate, of Picklebums.  She had fun with her kids and droppers full of paint.  They had fun creating blotted rainbows […]

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Painting Play in the Bathtub


Over the years of crafting, the Quirky Mommas have painted with crayons, we’ve thrown our paint, even painted our napkins and we’ve learned… Art is at its best when it is Big… Messy… and… Colorful! When you’re a parent, art is at its best when it is Clean… Contained… and… Entertaining for long periods of time! […]

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A Homemade Game for the Family: LEGO Challenge

homemade game legos

We are a game family.  We are also a Lego family.   Hmmm… how about we combine the two?  That is how our little family Lego Challenge was born.  The point of the “game” is to draw cards with a specific task – ex: use only the small lego blocks or make something you can […]

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Creative Kid Bloggers Plan for 2012

Creative Kids Bloggers

There are tons of great creative children’s blogs – and every month a bunch of us get together on twitter for a chat.  In last months chat, 57 bloggers discussed our playing schemes and dreams of what projects we think would most interest our kids or what we would love to do with them in […]

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Kids Days Out: Fun School-Break Ideas

Kids days school break activities

Are your kids home from school and going batty?  Here are several of our favorite activities that were linked up to It’s Playtime over the past year.  Perfect to entertain and engage your kiddos during a long week off of school.  We are taking a break from Playtime this week to to enjoy our families […]

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Free things to do with kids

Free things to do with kids

Kids don’t need toys, they don’t need “programs”. I love a few of the activities linked up in It’s PLaytime last week! These are things you can do with your kids almost anywhere with no preparation – and they won’t cost you a dime. Looking for more ideas? Check out our weekly link-up below. Lots […]

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Activities for 5 Year Olds

Play Pretend

Five year olds are adding head knowledge to the wonder they have of the world around them.  I love watching my kindergarteners play pretend, soak up learning through games, and create through arts and crafts.  Here are some of my kids favorite activities when they were/are five. A play tent is super easy to make!  […]

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Activities for 4 Year Olds

DIY Building Toys

Four year olds love life and enjoy creating, tinkering, and exploring. Here are some of my favorite activities that I have used to help engage and interact with my four year olds. Build your own blocks from a tree.  These Tree Blocks are great for re-creating “natural” scenes. If you have pencils (or pens) toilet […]

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Color Experiments – An It’s Playtime Round Up

color experiments

Kids love to color, love mixing the colors, love exploring with color – the brighter the better. Here are a few of my favorite color experiments that were linked up during last week’s It’s Playtime. Many thanks to my co-hosts for making this a great kid’s meme! Be sure to check out their blogs to […]

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Gymnastic Games

gymnastic game - flying

Often what is fun is really simple. So simple that all it requires is two willing participants. My 5 y/o, Rhett, is ALWAYS willing to play our little gymnastic games. His favorite is flying.  I lay on my back {preferably on a soft grass surface, but often in our living room} and put my feet […]

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Crafts for kids… in the car (#KOAcampfire)

crafts for little people.

This Monday night, October 3rd, 9pm CST, I am joining Toni of Happy Housewife on the KOA Campfire Community to talk about kids, traveling, and ways to keep youngsters entertained for long hours in a car. In anticipation of that live chat (Oh, make my day and join us!!), we are featuring our favorite crafts […]

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Kids Meme: It’s Playtime

It's Playtime mix 915

Every week on Wednesday afternoons we host a kids meme called “It’s Play Time”.  Hundreds of fun ideas of ways you can play with and enjoy your kids are featured each week from bloggers around the world.  Below are some of my favorite posts that were recently linked up. . Make time to play. At […]

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Tree Blocks: Building with Nature

Tree blocks

A good foundation is important for both buildings and for life.  This week’s sponsor, Cerra, is a company with a wide variety of products, ranging from comforting oils, candles,  journal aids and more.  Their products help remind us to be grounded in who we are and to build with what we have around us.  They […]

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Camping Adventure: At Home

playtime kids adventure

We Quirky Mommas are on a camping kick!  A few weeks ago we played pretend camping at home, we made a tent from PVC pipes and this weekend my daughter is off to her first sleepover – and it’s going to have a camping theme!  I love watching the kids go on grand adventures in […]

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Kids Activities for Outdoor Play

Outdoor play activities for kids

It is not quite cool enough yet to play outside for long periods of time. It is still 100+ degrees here in Texas, but we are dreaming of the 90s and bookmarking some fun outdoor play ideas as inspired through last week’s It’s Playtime Link-up. Each week over a hundred bloggers link up their favorite […]

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Play Ideas with Pool Noodles: Light Sabers

Pool Noodle Lightsabers-3

Have some kids who are Jedis-in-training?  We have some Star Wars fanatics in our family.  All you need to re-make pool noodles into light sabers is silver duct tape, black tape and some energetic boys who are less likely to hurt themselves with the foam weapons. Homemade Toys – Pool Noodle Light Sabers Here’s what […]

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It’s Playtime with Play Dough

Preschoolers Play with Playdough

We have tubs of playdough around here and love making our own batches. Just last week we had fun creating coffee playdough. Here are four creative posts that inspired me to play with playdough. Thanks for submitting them to It’s Playtime! Kate of Picklebums, had fun with her kids, some jungle toys and props, and […]

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Cars: a DIY Car Mat & Redbox Sweeps

DIY cars play mat

Cars, the movie and the toys are beloved friends of my four year old. . We love movies we can interact with.  We all watch movies.  They are great for those moments when we need a break, or when we have a sick kiddo, or for when we want a “special family tradition”.  Our family’s […]

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Summertime Bucket List: It’s Playtime Inspired

summer fun ideas

There are so many things the kids and I want to do together.  We only have 6 more weeks of summer!  Not enough time!  Here are a few of the activities from last week that looked like so much fun that we put them into our family’s “Summer Bucket List”. Fun things to do. Bucket […]

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It’s Playtime: Play with Recycled Items

play with recycled items

Is your recycling bin overflowing? Mine is! Here are four ideas of ways you can turn your trash into treasure – or at least half an hour of play and exploration! . Melissa over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree (one of my favorite blogs!) used the lid of a dish soap bottle, an old CD […]

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It’s Playtime Link-up: Interacting with the Environment

Environment Play for preschoolers

What ways have you encouraged (or allowed) your kids to interact and play in the outdoor world around them? Preschoolers are so curious! I love how these sites, from last week’s link-up “It’s Playtime” party, had fun outside or inside, with “outside” things. 1 -Gina of Play-Based Preschool brought a number of outdoor “treasures” into […]

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Learning is Fun: It’s Playtime Link-up

kid chapstick drawing

This week Jenna’s, of Happy Little Mess, post on the way her boys interacted with the alphabet resonated with me!   Her son enjoys playing with a laser light.  So does mine!  Her son drew with chapstick last week – and so did mine!  The only difference was that she was able to channel that enthusiasm […]

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Dozen Playdough Recipes and Ideas for Play

Playdough Round-up

All kids love playing with playdough.  Here are some of the best playdough recipes I’ve found from the web, along with a bunch of different ideas of ways we can use playdough to play and learn with our kids. 1 – In the blog, Creativity in Progress, Sunghee created a fun way to showcase those […]

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Preschool Play Based on Literature

literature feature or fb size

Preschoolers love to be read to and to play pretend; combine the two and you are sure to have a great afternoon activity. Here are some of my favorite link-ups from our Kids Meme, It’s Playtime,  that featured families reading and playing with their kids: Preschool lesson plans: If I got to award a “prize” […]

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