Learn Map Reading Skills with a Snack Map

Snack map 5

We had fun this past week learning map skills together thanks to a recent conversation in the Horizon Healthy Families community.  Caroline of Food and Art had the idea of hiding food all around a room for kids to find – sounds like fun!  We decided to mix it up a bit and added a […]

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Cool Math Activity: With Eggs and Buttons

ten little eggs

This week we’ve been having a lot of fun creating learning activities that also relate to some of our favorite spring topics- eggs, bunnies, and flowers. Today I want to share a cool counting game we created using buttons and some large foam eggs. Materials Needed for Egg Math: Large foam eggs (or some eggs […]

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Baking soda and vinegar reactions: Make Lava

Baking soda and vinegar activity

Kids love exploring and experiencing cause and effect. Last spring we had fun creating fizzing sidewalk paint where the kids and I painted our patio with sidewalk paint made from baking soda and then sprayed the paint with vinegar, watching and listening to the sizzles and pops.  This rainbow lava activity is an adaptation off of […]

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I Love Red: Red Crafts, Red Art, Red, Red.

2011-12-18 001

Red is popular in our house.  Here’s an idea for a kids craft that makes use of all the odd bits and pieces of material left over from other crafts and creates a magnificent masterpiece, full of texture and contrast: a one color collage – featuring RED. The idea is to narrow down your selection of materials in one […]

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LEGO & Education: Create your own book


Legos, we are a lego obsessed family right now, might as well use that “love” to our benefit.  We have begun incorporating legos into our education.  In addition to the Lego lapbook we made last week, I wanted to incorporate creative writing & so I challenged my son to come up with a story about […]

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LEGO & Education: Make a Lapbook

lego lapbook

We recently had fun learning with this LEGO Unit Study & Lapbook, and my son declared that this was his favorite week of school we have ever done.  A lapbook is made to be looked at over and over, & your child adds little snippets of information they learn throughout a unit of study.  It […]

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The Kitchen Classroom

the kitchen classroom

There is so much for children to learn by spending time in the kitchen. It’s tempting to send my kids off to play while I’m fixing dinner.  However, I often encourage them to stay and help me – even though it make take twice as long by doing so! Cooking is fun and educational for […]

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Sink or Float: An Experiment with Seltzer Water

experiment with water 2

Does it Sink or Float?  My husband and I were reminiscing recently about eating at the dining hall at the college where we met.  We talked about our favorite meals, the nights we ate waffles with ice cream for dinner, and I remembered pouring sprinkles into my glass of Seltzer Water when I was bored […]

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What is leap year… and Activities to Celebrate the day.

Happy Birthday Cake

What is a Leap Year?  That is the question my 9 year old asked me …and I did not know…. So let’s learn for a second, shall we? Let me summarize my 2 hours of research for all of us: Every four years we have a Leap Year, which means we have a year with […]

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How to Lift an Ice Cube with a String

Lift an Ice Cube with a string

My son loves magic tricks.  I love simple science experiments. Here’s a fun magic trick with a little science behind it. My son lifted an ice cube from a cup of water with just a string touching it. He was elated and in awe as the cube dangled in the air. All you need is […]

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Staycation Ideas for Spring Break


For many, Spring Break conjures up images of playing on the beach somewhere warm or freezing your nose off while skiing with the family all day long.  Well if you aren’t jetting off this School Break, I’m here to show you how to make it a fun & memorable one for the entire family! What […]

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Preschool Math with Beads

preschool math with beads

Preschoolers often learn how to count before they can actually identify the actual written number. My daughter is this way.  She can easily count to 20 but struggles when I point to an 8 and ask her to tell me what number it is – we haven’t even begun working on recognizing written word numbers […]

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Lego Math Activities

Legos are great for developing spatial reasoning skills, great for building grand castles, boats, even Rapunzel’s hair (yes, my daughter has demonstrated multiple times, you can make “hair” out of legos).  Legos are also great items to use for developing addition and subtraction skills.  Here are some of the ways we used our legos this […]

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Snow Crafts: 13 Fun Winter Activities

Snow themed activities for kids

It’s winter, time to enjoy what snow you have in your area – of it you are like us, in Texas, to dream about a snow-filled winter with some of these fun kids activities.  How many of you have had snow already this year?  Let us live vicariously through you and your family and tell […]

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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year – I think an attitude of gratefulness is so important to cultivate in ourselves and our kiddos. Here are just a few of the craft activities I hope to do soon with my kiddos. . . Turkey with Thankful Feathers (via Parents Magazine).  They covered a foam […]

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Activities for 5 Year Olds

Play Pretend

Five year olds are adding head knowledge to the wonder they have of the world around them.  I love watching my kindergarteners play pretend, soak up learning through games, and create through arts and crafts.  Here are some of my kids favorite activities when they were/are five. A play tent is super easy to make!  […]

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What is Fire?

what is fire experiment

My first college Chemistry class lab was about learning to observe and take notes on what you see, feel, hear, smell, taste and experience.  What that looked like for us was 3 hours of staring at a lit Bunsen Burner. Exciting, eh? Seeing what happened at my kitchen table yesterday with Rhett(5) brought back a […]

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Color Experiments – An It’s Playtime Round Up

color experiments

Kids love to color, love mixing the colors, love exploring with color – the brighter the better. Here are a few of my favorite color experiments that were linked up during last week’s It’s Playtime. Many thanks to my co-hosts for making this a great kid’s meme! Be sure to check out their blogs to […]

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Concentration of a Solution

boy making sour face

Don’t you just love this picture?  I can almost taste the tartness that he is experiencing. Why would I have my child drink something that I knew would create such a silly face? He is learning about strength and concentrations of a solution.  I tried drawing pictures explaining how we can take a can of […]

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Activities for 3 Year Old

Physical movement for kids

Three year olds are curious, active – at least mine seem to have an endless supply of energy.   They are beginning to make comparisons and differentiate patterns, colors and love to play pretend.  Here are just a few of our favorite three year old activities.  These activities were gleaned in part from from our weekly […]

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Activities for Boy Scouts in-the-Making: It’s Playtime

bolts with miss jessi

I look forward to our kids meme each week! Thanks to all of you who faithfully participate and make it a grand success! Our Kid’s Meme runs every Thursday and can be found on the following blogs: Let the Children Play Messy Kids Hands On: As We Grow The Imagination Tree When you link up […]

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Exploring Mixtures vs Solutions

In Science we have been working with water & reading about all the things it can do. Today, we read about solutions & mixtures and set out to make our own! We gathered our materials. Reese chose what we would mix into the water… oil, flour, sugar, blue food coloring drops, sand, & red powdered […]

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It’s Playtime Linkup Party Round-up

We team up to run the kids play activities link-up, It’s Playtime, each week with Hands on : as we grow, Let the Children Play, The Imagination Tree and Messy Kids.  Each week you, our beloved readers submit your favorite play posts to show up on all of our blogs.  This week I have the […]

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Chore Charts & Allowance: Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility

preschool kids chore chart

It is important to start teaching kids at a young age how to earn money, save money and spend it wisely. One of this month’s sponsors, Manilla, wants to hear about our financial struggles and successes – sign up for Manilla, tell them about your money mountains in the comments for a chance to win […]

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Tinker Toy Catapult Experiment

Tinker Toy Catapult Measurement Table

Last week we made a Lego Catapult and my boys started making catapults out of everything in sight. They made this one make out of Tinker Toys. A Tinker Toy catapult is pretty simple construction and soon marbles were zinging across the house. Let’s go outside! Ryan(10) had mentioned that he had changed the angle […]

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Lego Catapult

Finished Lego catapult

Last week my family visited the Genghis Khan Exhibit at the Iriving Arts Center. As part of the exhibit, there was a real life size trebuchet and a smaller model catapult made out of wood that the boys could send ping pong balls shooting across the museum. It was a crowd-pleaser. Ryan, my 10 year […]

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It’s Playtime with Play Dough

Preschoolers Play with Playdough

We have tubs of playdough around here and love making our own batches. Just last week we had fun creating coffee playdough. Here are four creative posts that inspired me to play with playdough. Thanks for submitting them to It’s Playtime! Kate of Picklebums, had fun with her kids, some jungle toys and props, and […]

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Car Marionette Puppet (a video)

car marionette puppet

.The kids and I made our first video (well, that I can remember) using car marionettes.   Chevy DFW inspired this post, they dared me to make a video with my kids and cars.  My minivan isn’t quite movie worthy, let’s just say its got more than it’s fair share of dings and is it’s typical […]

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Story-Telling Activities to do with your Kids

story telling round-up1

Kids have the most vivid imaginations; I just love hearing the stories my preschoolers come up with and the worlds they create in their pretend play! Here are several ideas of ways you can help get the creative juices flowing from the minds of your little tykes: Made by Joel has a great collection of […]

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Learning is Fun: It’s Playtime Link-up

kid chapstick drawing

This week Jenna’s, of Happy Little Mess, post on the way her boys interacted with the alphabet resonated with me!   Her son enjoys playing with a laser light.  So does mine!  Her son drew with chapstick last week – and so did mine!  The only difference was that she was able to channel that enthusiasm […]

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