Coloring the Rainbow: A collection of Colorful Party Ideas

colors of the rainbow

We love color, coloring and exploring a variety of hues with our preschoolers.  I was browsing through the archives of our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime and discovered a bunch of oldies and goodies featuring the rainbow. . Colorful Party Ideas These rainbow cupcakes were made ages ago and my kids are begging me to […]

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Be a Pirate: Make a Sword

new pirate sword

These are instructions on how to make your own wood sword for under a dollar .  We went through a pirate “kick” for a few weeks where all my kids wanted to do was be a pirate, everything became a “pirate ship”. That big box we got?  Yeah. The couch?  Yup. Their mattresses, the bushy […]

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Birthday Party Pretend Play

birthday party pretend play

Birthday parties are such a special event in a child’s life. My daughters long for their birthdays – they draft guest lists, plan party games and dream about what kind of cake they would like. We don’t host especially extravagant parties in our house, just an old-fashioned kind of tea party, but they are an […]

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