Easter Egg Hunt: 5 Creative Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt: 5 Creative Ideas

Ah, Easter Sunday morning.  What a peaceful, quiet time of reflection.  The children come downstairs dressed in their Sunday best and the family enjoys a leisurely breakfast before heading to church. What?  That doesn’t happen at your house? Yeah.  Mine neither.  My kids are up at the crack of dawn to see what the Easter […]

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What happens to a rotting pumpkin?

Pumpkin Science What Happens to a Rotting Pumpkin

What happens when you let a pumpkin rot?  That was the question proposed by my son last year…so we decided to find out. Rotting Pumpkin: We carved our pumpkin & put it on the porch to greet visitors. After a few weeks, our pumpkin, who Reese named Jack Rotty, began to get a little mushy.  […]

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Easy Backyard Water Wall

Build a backyard water wall

A homemade water wall is a wonderful addition to any outdoor play space.  Ours has provided the toddlers and preschoolers in my daycare with countless hours of wet, watery, educational fun!  You won’t believe how easy it was to build!  It took all of about 20 minutes, and it didn’t cost me a dime! Kids […]

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Make a Sidewalk Chalk Game Board

sidewalk chalk game board

Family games bring loved ones together for laughter and fun.  This chalk game board is great for playing outside.  Your kids will have so much fun with this sidewalk chalk game board! Family Games With The Sidewalk Chalk Game Board Our family loves board games. They’re wonderful for bringing everyone together, having fun, learning and laughing. […]

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DIY Bubble Shooter {Make Your Own Bubble Wand}

Make your own bubble shooter by kids activities blog

This bubble shooter was born out of desperation. At one time we had many bubble wands. They have since disappeared into their secret hiding places somewhere in our garden. How To Make Your Own Bubble Wand: A bubble shooter: a brilliant mechanism combining bubbles and the act of shooting. This Do It Yourself Bubble Shooter is so […]

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Fizzing Sidewalk Paint

fizzing paint with kids activities blog

Originally published in Early spring, 2011, this is by far one of our kids most favorite play recipes. Sidewalk chalk is fun, painting is fun, making things fizz is also fun! Let’s do all three! This is a really simple recipe to create sidewalk chalk “paint” out of food coloring, baking soda and cornstarch.  We […]

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Nature Craft: Collage

make a nature collage

My children love to collect leaves, twigs, and flowers petals anytime we are outside.  We have quite a collection! But what can we do with all of these “treasures”? Make a collage! On our most recent walk to the park, my daughter brought her Elmo bucket along to help her collect items she wanted to […]

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Kokedama Hanging Garden for Kids

kokedama hanging garden for kids to make

Katherine Shields is an activity curator at Education.com. She works with teachers and crafters to come up with fun and educational kids activities ideas. This particular craft is by Beth Levin, who has an M.A. in Curriculum and Education from Columbia University Teachers College. Beth has a substitute teaching credential for grades K-12 in Oregon, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

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7 Fun Family Gardening Projects

7 Fun Family Gardening Projects

Family gardening is a fun way for the whole family to get outside and enjoy a hobby together.  There are many different types of gardening to choose from.  Maybe plant some vegetables to harvest or plant your favorite fragrant flower.  No matter what you decide to plant, get out, get dirty and have fun. Today […]

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Recess Games: DIY Twister with Chalk

Recess Game twister

What were your favorite memories of recess?  Mine were playing four square and twister.  I loved rainy days as that’s when my teacher would pull-out a twister mat and a spinner card and we would see which of us were fast enough to contort ourselves onto the correct colors.  Recess was the highlight of my […]

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Summer Time Bucket List: 50 Activities for the Kids

summer bucket list

I love our weekly It’s Playtime Link-up! Each week you have hundreds of activity ideas and suggestions for us! Thank you for being an inspiration to us each and every week. Below are just a few of the activities that have been linked up this past year. These activities are on our Summer Bucket List […]

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15 Breezy Outdoor Activities for Kids

outdoor activities for kids

Outdoor activities for kids is one of the best parts about spring.  After winter’s end, kids feel the need to re-explore outside.  It is like visiting a new place. Kids Activities Blog is highlighting some of our favorite outdoor activities for kids that have been linked up to our It’s Playtime Kids Meme in the […]

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{Fall} Family Outings Strengthen Family Bonding

family outings

Make time for a few family outings this season.  Fall is a season of change that speaks to the senses…the crunch of leaves, the kaleidoscope of colors, the coolness of the air. The impending holidays invite togetherness and create the perfect setting for family activities. Kids Activities Blog is excited to share these ways you […]

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Fall Crafts for Kids: Leaf Craft

fall crafts for kids

Do the beautiful colors of autumn have you searching for creative fall crafts for kids?  If so, then this leaf craft may be just what you were looking for.  Kids Activities Blog has many fall crafts like this to keep you little one happy. Fall Crafts for Kids Fall is a time of raking leaves […]

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You’ve Been Booed! A Halloween Surprise

you've been booed

Tell your neighbors – You’ve Been BOOed!  This fun Halloween surprise is sure to create smiles around your neighborhood.  If you do this Halloween activity with your kids, please come back to Kids Activities Blog and leave a comment to let us know how much fun your kids had.  We’d love to hear your stories! […]

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Crayon Melting

crayon melting

It’s been really, really hot here. I’m talking about 110 degree highs every day!  Perfect weather for wax crayon art.  It’s hot enough to melt crayons in my van. Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience. We decided to see how well they would melt outside and experiment with an art project while we were […]

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Beach Game: Tic-Tac-Toe

beach blanket tic tac toe feature

Beach games were on my mind.  A while back, I caught a beach activity segment with Martha Stewart on the Today Show.  Although I liked many of her ideas and would like to try some of the others eventually, the one that I remembered and knew I could easily execute was her Beach Towel Tic […]

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Handprint Art: Owls

handprint art owls

Another fun hand print project! The past few months, Rory has been very into birds.  She loves all kinds of birds; ducks, flamingos, roosters, eagles, and owls.    Owls are one of Rory’s new favorite animals, she has a book called; “Say Hello to the Snowy Animals,” that she loves.  One of the pages has […]

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Outdoor Fun: Bicycle Games

fun bicycle games

From an early age, my kids have loved riding bikes.  Always looking for something new & fun to do outdoors, we decided to try to come up with some fun games that involved riding our bikes.  Here are a few fun ones we liked: How Slow Can You Go? Using sidewalk chalk, draw a 4-inch […]

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Outdoor Adventures: Animal Hunt

outdoor adventure animal hunt

  Outdoor Adventures: Animal Hunt Sometimes my children need some imaginative prompts to set them off in their outdoor adventures. This simple animal hunt outdoor adventure is sure to have your little ones happily running, jumping and searching through your garden.   You’ll need an assortment of toy animals for your animal hunt. Have your […]

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Handprint Art in the Garden

outdoor handprint art feature

When the sun is shining and the children are feeling creative my girls love nothing more than heading out into the garden and creating some big, messy, joyful art. The extra space the garden offers, and the fact that tidying up is that much easier when you can just get out the garden hose to wash […]

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Craft Things To Make: Bird Nests

craft things to make bird nests

We were walking outside in our backyard and Rory noticed all of the pinecones and sticks that had accumulated on the ground.  She immediately begin picking them up, throwing them, and kicking them. I tried to think of craft things to make with these great items from nature.  I decided to combine Rory’s two favorite […]

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Drive-In Movie For Kids

drive in movie feature

If your family hasn’t experienced a movie under the stars yet, I highly recommend you enjoy one this summer. We are big fans of outdoor drive-in movies in our family! To host a “drive-in” movie all you need for the kiddos are a few supplies! Supplies to make cars for the drive in movie: boxes […]

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Freeze Tag for Preschoolers

freeze tag for preschoolers

I saw this activity on Melissa & Doug’s blog and suddenly found myself back in childhood racing around a field in the warm sun with friends chasing me close behind. With this post as inspiration, I had to figure out a way to adapt it to my 3 year old. I knew he would love […]

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Melted Crayon Art

Crayon-art-1 650x400

Remember that craze from last year?  Of melting crayons?  We made our own melted crayon art.  We are blest to live in Texas where the summers are nice and warm.  Who needs a hairdryer for this art project when you can use the sun! In our playroom I had an empty wall that was begging […]

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Painting for Kids: Tree Branch Brushes


After trimming the bushes in your yard, you may normally drag the branches off to the curb for pick up. Instead of dragging all of them off why not pull out a few with leaves and bare to paint with. Tree Branch Brushes Branches have a long handle for children to hold onto and strong […]

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Small World Play: Build with Rocks

build with rocks

What do you do with all of the rocks your kids collect?  One idea is to build with them. Gather up as many rocks as you can find.  We found rocks of various sizes, shapes, and colors. How do you get your kids to create a play scene with little help from you?  Here are some […]

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Keeping It Simple: Painting with Water


I plan. Materials are sourced. The stage has been set. The invitation to play has been accepted. Game on. A few short minutes after play commences, the phrase “What was I thinking?!” rambles repeatedly in my head or through my mouth, I know not because I’m consumed by the disaster of my planned activity. Such […]

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Preschool Activities: Counting Flowers in Your Neighborhood

flower picture with rocks

This is the perfect time of year to head out into your neighborhood and look for things to count. The weather is great for walking around, camera in hand, with a seeker of things to take pictures of by your side. I helped my son decide to limit the things were looking for to flowers […]

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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Kids


May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, is often celebrated with a visit to our favorite local Mexican food restaurant.  This year, I want to be a bit more intentional then just ordering a plate of fajitas and a margarita.  I want my kids to understand why the 5th of May is a holiday. Many think that […]

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