An Easy Money Lesson for Kids During the Holidays

Money Lesson for Kids During the Holidays

Celebrating the holidays can sometimes bring financial stresses. It is easy to spend, spend, spend instead of being thoughtful about options when it comes to gift-giving. SunTrust Bank {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} is spreading holiday cheer with the message of being meaningful within your means. They have easy-to-implement ideas for indulging in the currency of […]

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10 Simple Tips for Debt-Free Holidays

10 Easy Steps to Debt-Free Holidays - Kids Activities Blog

Commercials, advertisements and peer pressure make it oh-so-tempting to overspend during the holiday season. For a debt-free holiday season try these tips to keep your family’s budget safe. Over the last 6 weeks we have been doing a series on Creating family memories on a budget because we know how important it is to get our […]

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What Sales will Teach your Child {Learning with Lemonade and Coffee Stands}

A lemonade stand is a great way to help kids learn about money

I love activities that help inspire my kids!  International Delight encouraged us to create a lemonade stand with coffee – it was a huge hit!!  Thanks, International Delight for inspiring this post.  The kids enjoyed lemonade while their parents enjoyed iced coffee mocha’s. As part of our “summer school” we are helping our kids understand […]

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Kids and Money

kids and money

Just about anyone who’s ever watched a child or grandchild go from the crib to kindergarten and beyond has uttered the phrase, “They grow up so fast.” Although you can’t really freeze a youngster’s precious moments in time, you can take steps to make sure that his or her journey to adulthood starts with a […]

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Magnets: The Magic Dollar

Magnetic Dollar Set

Do you think dollar bills are magnetic?  Here’s a quick little experiment to do while studying magnets or money! You’ll need a dollar bill and a magnet. Fold a dollar bill in half and set it on the table like in the picture above.  We ended up taping the bill to the table because it […]

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