Crayon Resist: White Crayon Secret Art {Cool!}

Crayon resist art for kids - Secret art with a white crayon

Crayon resist art has been around since us moms were kids.  It is a timeless craft for kids because all kids love this secret art project.  Kids Activities Blog is curious to hear about how your child’s creativity is expressed through the use of a white crayon. Crayon Resist Usually when my kids are making […]

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2 Preschool Art Activities as Sweet as Strawberries

Simple Preschool Art and Math Activity using Strawberry Baskets

Preschool art activities can be inspired from anything!  Kids Activities Blog loves these two simple preschool art activities created with something that was left over from summer.  Isn’t it grand to find something to do with things that you already have at home?  Check out how strawberry baskets end up teaching both art and math… […]

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Superhero Skip Counting with Paper Bag Books

superhero skip counting

I just recently got introduced to paper bag books and I LOVE them! Last month my son and I created a pirate paper bag book to teach him about story elements. This week I decided to take my son’s newest obsession (superheroes) and use them as we create a simple story that taught him about […]

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Number Words

number words

One of the things I have noticed over the last few years working with my boys on both phonics and math is that number words are hard! It goes a little like this: Me:  This is the word “ONE”. Child:  But shouldn’t it start with a “W”? Yes, that would make more sense, but it […]

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Learning to measure with gummy worms

measuring math

It is rare that all three of my kids enjoy learning at the same time, usually a learning activity is a hit with one kiddo and a bust with the other, while the other is zoned out in the corner.  Like our learning fractions cookie activity, this measuring snack was loved by all! What you […]

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Using M&Ms to Graph with your Preschooler

M&M patterns

I love discovering totally new things. Graphing is not “new” but the idea that my preschooler can graph say M&M’s amazes me! Beth from Keesler Chaos was wonderful and opened my eyes! Snack time will never be the same!  She graciously offered to show us her graphing activity, and included free printables.  Just click on […]

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